Dec 6, 2013

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday friends!  This week seemed to simultaneously fly by and drag along at the same time.  Go figure!  I have spent the majority of my week attempting to clean up toys because Greyson decided his new favorite activity is dumping everything out everywhere.  Works so well for those of us with OCD!

I couldn't make it to any Barre 3 classes this week so I squeezed in some online workouts at home (love their online workouts!)  and Avery made her own little workout station and did them right along with me.  Seriously, one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  I hope these days of wanting to do things with me never end.

My JCrew Factory Winnie pants came in and I am happy to report that I love them.  They aren't Minnie pants for sure, but for 50 percent off I won't complain.  Plus, how often am I really going to wear pink pants?  (probably more often than you would think...)

My little pup had to go in for surgery on Thursday.  I woke up extra early so I could force her to snuggle with me.  I spent the entire day having crazy anxiety about the whole thing.  Luckily, the doctor has said she is doing well and should be home in a couple of days.  We have to spend the next couple of weeks keeping her from jumping on anything or going on stairs, which is going to be a huge challenge because she literally climbs and jumps on everything.  

I made baked tacos with shredded chicken for the first time last night and I am telling you that I am always baking my tacos going forward.  They were so extra crunchy and delicious and neater when you eat them.  I love a good Pinterest discovery!

Have you guys seen this James Franco and Seth Rogen video mocking the Kim and Kanye one? It is hilarious.  I laughed so hard at it.

This article is also hilarious and so spot on.  Definitely read it.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Glad your puppy is feeling better!! I hear ya about the toys, here it's been removing ALL pillows from the sofa and making a "play set". I literally pick up the cushions like 4 times a day because I can't stand seeing them on the ground - even if they're using their imagination lol!

    1. Thanks love! How do people get those kind of kids that aren't messy? I know they exist! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Awww poor puppy! :( I'm so OCD when it comes to clutter or messes of any kind. It drives my husband nuts because he'll be making a sandwich and I'll come right behind him and put everything back (sometimes before he's even done with it.. whoops). I'm trying REALLY hard to convince the hubby we need to refinish our basement before he starts his garage so that I can have a playroom. For now I'm working on converting the office into one. Maybe if I can just close the door it won't matter so much? yeah. right.

  3. Glad the doc said she's doing fine! Love Avery's work out station haha too cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Ummm that James Franco and Seth Rogan video kills me- it's hysterical!! Love Avery's little work out station- too cute. You are so skinny and I LOVE those pink pants!!
    The baked tacos sound amazing-where did you find the recipe?


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