Dec 30, 2013

It's the Holiday Season... Or it Was!

Happy last Monday of 2013!  Can you believe this year is really almost over?! I hope everyone that celebrates had a wonderful Christmas and everyone that doesn't had a relaxing day off!  We had a great holiday spent with family and stuffing our faces.  My scale is going to slap me the next time I step on it.  We started Christmas Eve off leaving Santa some pink cupcakes.  There were only two left to leave for obvious reasons (aka they were tasty) and read every Christmas book we could find.

The next day was present opening mayhem.  The older the kids get, the more fun Christmas is.  They are so excited by all of their presents and are doing so well sharing them with each other.

I tried to make every attempt family photos without much success.  It is pretty impossible to get the four of us in a shot at once.

After the holiday we headed to upstate New York to visit some friends with my parents.  As a Syracuse grad I have a love of upstate and haven't been back in way too long.  No matter how cold or snowy it is, I love it there so much.  I also love how fabulous Avery and Greyson think it is to stay in a hotel, although they did stay up until all hours of the night from the excitement.

Thanks to the holidays I have acquired more budget friendly booty-covering loose tunic tops to add to my ever growing collection.  If it is loose and I can wear it with leggings then it is mine!

I was finally able to fit into my Hunter boots for the first time since before Greyson was born... since pregnancy hit my legs and calves (?!)  I'm not feeling all of this rainy cold weather however.  Snow I can handle, but the rain and cold just don't do it for me.  Minus the cute boots part.

We ended our weekend with some margarita's and football. So perfect for getting ready to cleanse and start a new year!

Happy Monday!


  1. such sweet family pictures! Hope you ave a great New Year

  2. Great pictures! I love how you're as dedicated to leggings as I am. I really want to throw away all my other pants. ;-) Especially after the holiday's!

    1. I'm so glad we are on the same leggings as pants team ;)


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