Dec 24, 2013

Life Lately...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve.  I'm pretty sure Thanksgiving was actually last week.  Seriously, the time between Thanksgiving and now has absolutely zipped by and the last week especially has been a complete blur.  A very good blur filled with cute kiddos, delicious food and drinks, and so much fabulous time with friends.  That is the best part of the holidays for me, getting to spend so much time with all of my favorite people.  

With no school or regularly scheduled activities happening for a couple of weeks Avery and Greyson have been spending a LOT of quality time playing with their toys.  My house has been a total disaster but they have spent so much time actually playing together that I have pushed down the OCD and don't care.  I hope this lasts!

Avery is a truly seasonally challenged child.  She has spent the last week flapping around the house in her mermaid tail (which is meant for swimming in the pool with.)

I have had a lot of delicious drinks.  A lot.  They're necessary.

 I have been making some not so healthy, but super delicious eats, including a seafood lasagna and Natalie's amazing strawberry cupcakes.  When in doubt, pink counts as red ;)

Avery had a holiday party at her school last week and it was the cutest 30 minutes of my life.  There was singing, dancing, playing and tons of eating.  I think five is such a great age and I love watching her be so happy about school.

I got this blouse on super sale at JCrew, thank goodness, after eyeing her full price for a couple of weeks.  I think this is probably the most perfect Christmas shirt I could buy.

My ShopBop sale goodies also came.  I think ShopBop's sales are absolute favorite.  The fact that they will do Amazon Prime shipping makes it even better!

Yosi Samra flats are the most comfortable shoes ever.  I scoop them up anytime ShopBop has a sale and I highly recommend you do too!

We hit the mall for some last minute goodies and gluten-free deliciousness at CPK last night.  The kiddos love staring at Santa and cannot be dragged away from this railing.  However, they both start screaming and losing their shiz if we even suggest going to actually speak to him.  No Santa pictures this year.  Sad face.

We are off to pack up the car full of goodies and head out of town!  Have a very merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Merry Christmas! What brand is that plaid shirt from Shopbop and those shoes? Amazing!

    Hope it's a beautiful Christmas day!

    Xo, J

    1. Merry Christmas to you love! The plaid shirt is from JCrew. I got it in store! The shoes are Yosi Samra (via Shopbop.) They are SO comfy!



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