Dec 3, 2013

Life: Tuesday Ramblings

Oh my goodness.  Yesterday was brutal.  Greyson has clearly entered his terrible two's (which are nothing compared to three and four) early and was letting it be known yesterday.  Granted, the entire day was not bad, just the last few hours when he was in full blown meltdown mode, which made therefore think the entire day had been like that.  However, it wasn't and I have to remember the majority of the day during which he was happy and playing.  But the meltdown hours.  And the lack of nap.  And the crying.  And yelling. And hitting.  And throwing.  And mommy's hair pulling.  You get the idea.  I know that you cannot compare children, but Avery and Greyson are clearly two different beasts and when I look back on what I thought were rough days with Avery I realize I had no idea what might be in store for me.  Boys are different than girls and no two children are the same is the lesson of the day.  Every day.

We cut Greyson's hair last week.  By we I mean Josh. In the living room.  But that's another story for another day.  Not only does it make him look older, but I swear he acts up more and tries to fit into a little baby bad boy image.  Is this all in my head?  99 percent chance of yes.  Take his shirt off and throw a necklace on him and he is one bad a&* New Jersey kid!

Maggie is having surgery this week, which has been in a total ball of nerves.  She has been extra snuggly and lovey to Avery lately which makes me so happy.

These two and sunglasses.  This happens so often it isn't even funny.  We may have lost a few lenses in the peak of Greyson's madness last night.

We spent a lot of time cleaning up mud too!

No matter how crazy this little guy makes me feel, I love, love, LOVE to watch him lay down on the ground and play with his trains.  He gets as low as he can to watch the wheels move and it makes my heart so happy to see how interested he is in something.

This was post-trains and pre-meltdown.  He knows how to mix his high and low brands - one foot is Manolo Blahnik and the other is Target.  My kind of fashion mixing!

Speaking of fashion, I wore one of my favorite Stitch Fix tops with my trusty JCrew Minnie pants.  I literally want to wear these pants every day.  They make me feel skinnier and are the comfiest pants I own.  Although I desperately need some new flats.  I haven't bought any in over a year and my selection is hurting.

Stay tuned for my search for the perfect flat.  As usual, all suggestions are always welcome!



  1. Haha, you crack me up! I hope today is a better day for you :) those days you want to pull your hair out are no fun!

    1. Luckily I have my own child to pull my hair out for me ;) Thanks mama! xo

  2. G was so adorable at our playdate...but even then you knew the meltdown was coming. Smart Mommy :)
    PS - I love Sam Edelman's and Seychelles flats!

    1. Haha fun with kids right? I am cheers-ing you from down the street right now ;)


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