Dec 9, 2013

Shopaholic: Home Goodies

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today I'm talking about all of the goodies I have had my eye on for our house.  We have been here for almost two years and it is definitely a very gradual work in progress getting it together.  We are slowly replacing all of our starter items with better quality and more grown up pieces.  It is amazing some of the things I have held on to from college and my first apartments just due to sentimental value.  I will hold on to a cheap picture frame or chair because it reminds me of a certain time in my life.  I'm not even a "keeper" or a hoarder by nature.  Oof.  

I love the pattern on this throw and the pom pom's of course.  Seriously, I am such a sucker for pom pom's.  And blankets.

How cute would these be for toys? I love storage that doesn't scream child on it and I am trying to steer away from primary colors.  Who doesn't love a good stripe too?

How cute would these be for a party?  The gold tops are so much more fun than the usual aluminum lids.

Ever since Natalie posted this table it has been on my mind.  It's so sleek and simple and an amazing price.

I am usually not a big fan of sconces but I love these!  They would be such a perfect addition to our living room on the sides of giant couch.

How fun are these hanging sculptures?  These would be so fun in a kid's room or on a gallery wall.

We need a charging station so badly purely because I have cords all over the place.  The Pottery Barn one I loved is impossible to find and this is a fraction of the cost!

Happy home shopping!


  1. I love those mason jar sippers-what a great idea! I've had my eye on the S&L throw for a while- it's awesome

    1. I REALLY want this throw. I'm so terrified my kids will destroy it based on past behavior and an obsession with forts :/


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