Dec 13, 2013

This Has Been Our Week...

Oh snow, how you throw us for such a loop.  I had this week all planned out with a specific schedule and holiday to-do list, which one whopper of a snow day totally threw off.  Pandemonium ensued.

This was what we woke up to on Tuesday morning.  Winter wonderland?

The first couple of hours we stayed in pj's and watched Christmas movies and all was peaceful and happy.

Then things got crazy.  One big sister egging on a stir-crazy little brother and several laps around the house followed by a couple of bad tumbles resulted in one seriously bloody face and shirt.  That little white shirt underneath did not survive the day.  Ignore that happy face because there were a LOT of tears.

We finally made it out to play in the snow and everyone was so happy... until the little guy got nailed in the face with a snowball.  More tears and suddenly everyone was cold, wet and cranky.

I wanted to break in my new shoes I got last weekend.  Yes, I have to break them in because pregnancy was brutal on my feet (shout out to my old shoes - miss you!) I couldn't leave the house in anything but Uggs all week so I was wearing shoes around the house to try to make them more comfortable.  Total productivity right there.

We did end our way week with a play date.  I love any reason to make a cheese plate and call it my dinner.  Seriously, I could never give up cheese.  Or wine.  My little weasel children worked together to take a Sharpie to our wood floors.  Luckily, my smart friends told me to get out the Magic Eraser and we were in the clear. However, I learned that if they are home too much they will learn to plot against me together.  

We are expecting more snow this weekend and I am planning a trip to someplace warm asap!

Happy Friday :)


  1. Yummmm, I love a good charcuterie board! Send some of that pretty snow to the southeast please!

  2. The snow looks so pretty! And you can never go wrong with cheese and wine for dinner - that's practically my life motto ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Dinner of champions! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  3. Ha I totally just wrote you an e-mail on Facebook before I saw this and said to stay warm...I had NO idea you were buried in all that snow. EEEEEK. I know somewhere you could come visit!! ;) That cheese plate looks awesome btw.

    1. I miss California way too much :( I have to email you back!!

  4. That cheese plate looks so good! Sorry to hear about your stressful day :( but glad you got to cheer yourself up with some cheese and vino!! Have a great wknd friend!

  5. Absolutely beautiful snow!! Such a pretty picture!



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