Dec 4, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Happy Wednesday dolls!  Wednesday Wishlist sounds a little less greedy than What I Want Wednesday?  Let's be serious, it should just be take me shopping day.  Every day.  Here is what I have been eyeing this week...

I love Emily Schuman's blog and she has recently announced that she has a second book coming out.  I guess that means I should get on the first one!  She has so many delicious recipes and entertaining tips on her blog that I am sure this book is full of similar goodies. 

I LOVE my Baggu for JCrew totes that my sister-in-law gave me.  There are always in my purse and get used multiple times a week.  I was so excited to see this version to be used as a handbag or overnight bag.  There are multiple sizes and I love the casual look.  I think this would make a great gym bag or even diaper bag.

I have been trying to get my hands on one of these to no avail.  I love my Naked palette but I think the colors in this third set look like they would suit me best.  I love the pink shades (duh) and softer tones.  Need!

Kate Spade has had so many amazing sales this past week and this little gem may or may not be on its way to me right now.  I love that it is a watch but also a bracelet.  Double duty.  More bang for your buck.  More cheesy phrases.

I love me a dainty bracelet.  I also love Jennifer Zeuner.  A friend of mine has this necklace and I always admire it.  I think the bracelet version would be so perfect for every day wear!

I am needing a white dress for an upcoming holiday party and I keep coming back to this gem.  I love the swing and the lace.  I just need a good spray tan to pull it off!



  1. Omggggg I didn't know Naked 3 was out! I'm obsessed with the first two so I think this mama needs #3!! Love that dainty bracelet ANC I think you need that white dress - so pretty!

    1. I ordered the dress! Naked 3 just came out and is sold out already! It needs to be found!

  2. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  3. I love that Baggu tote- I need one!! I need to check out the Naked3- I love my other ones. Love that white dress- you should def get it!

    1. I just ordered the dress! The Naked 3 is sold out everywhere, I am stalking and waiting for it to come back!

  4. I love that baggu tote in the gold!


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