Jan 7, 2014

Back to Normal

Happy Tuesday!  I attempted to get a post out yesterday but had some issues with Blogger over the last few days (boo!) Luckily, it looks like things are working once again!  I also got that awesome stomach bug that has been going around to get things going for the 24 Day Challenge cleanse!  Ha!  Between that and the absurdly low temperatures and snow (um 0 degrees NYC?!) I have yet to make it out of sweats.  I even made the trek to Target in my sweats to get the bart cart I have been eyeing for so long.  Greyson thinks it was a fantastic purchase apparently!

We started off our weekend at a friend's house for dinner with the most amazing spread.  Having friends who are great at cooking and entertaining is so happy!  She made the most amazing app of pears, arugula and blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto and it was to die for.  

When Josh was working on Saturday and the kids were going post-snow storm stir crazy I finally decided to brave the movies with them.  Greyson has never been before and Avery hasn't been in a few years.  We had to go to two theaters to see Frozen, but we got the last seats right in the front row.  Luckily, we were at the dining theater, which probably was the only reason Greyson was so well behaved.  The 3D glasses may be a few more years off for these two though.

Did you all watch the Bachelor? I love Juan Pablo and was so excited when they announced he was going to be the new Bach.  He's so goofy and the whole thing is so much more awkward that I just love it.  So much better than the last couple of seasons so far!

I saw this Lobster sweater on JCrew Factory and think I need it.  How adorable would this be with a button down and shorts in the spring or summer?  I can't believe I even mentioned either of those.

I'm on Day 2 of the cleanse and feeling great so far!  Good luck and happy cleansing to everyone else doing it!


  1. I found you while blog hopping, so glad I did :)

    I live in SC and if that sweater had a crab it be damn near perfect ;)

  2. We just saw Frozen the other day and LOVED it! Such a cute movie. We still can't the songs out of our heads "Let it go, let it go.... The cold never bothered me anyway" :)

    1. That song has been in my head for days! We have been hunting down all things Elsa too. She is pretty popular!

  3. I LOVE that cleanse. I did it a few weeks after I had my daughter to get my post-partum body kicked off and loved it! :)

    1. That's so awesome to hear!!! I love hearing about good results :)


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