Jan 8, 2014

Bar Area Revamp

One of my New Year's Resolutions (blah, blah, blah) has been to do all of the things in our house I have been meaning to do and never get around to.  I started this right before the holidays when I found the perfect mirrored tray at Target, didn't get it, went back for it and found it 50 percent off.  Score!  Please ignore the always glamorous corner protectors on the wine table, they are just part of life around here.  

We moved our DIY Chalkboard Mirror over the bar to fill the space and hide an old phone jack.  Big shout out to old school phones hanging on the walls!

This little hook and bucket system holds wine and beer accessories including stoppers, foil cutters, and wine and beer bottle charms/labels.

I keep extra glasses in our cabinets on a high shelf because we rarely use more than these.  I tried to keep just the essentials out: our wine coaster, a cocktail shaker, wine glasses, cocktail glasses and a decanter.  I hate clutter so the less the better!

Now that I have these pictures on here I have to confess I decided to move this (and by me, I mean Josh) into our soon to be dining room and place our new bar cart (aka coffee cart) here.  I'm thinking of adding herbs to the the hanging bar.  Thoughts?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Pretty, pretty -- I agree some herbs would be nice and add some more color :)

    1. I'm no green thumb. Do herbs stay alive indoors? I really want to put them there!

    2. I don't have one either lol but yes they do. It's the I my way I can keep my basil alive... Well, half alive lol

  2. I've been dying to create an entertainment bar of're post has inspired to me to add yet ANOTHER project on my giant list. My husband thanks you. ;)

    1. You're a girl after my own heart, the more on the list the better ;) Our hubs can commiserate ha!

  3. So fabulous, girlie! Simple yet chic! Love!! xx


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