Jan 13, 2014

Life Lately

I have been in a serious posting rut and not for lack of posts.  Apparently Blogger doesn't like to work for me at night, when I can finally sit down by myself for a few minutes.  I have said a lot of bad words and possibly slapped my computer around a bit to no avail.  If only I were somewhat technologically inclined.  Anyway, we had a big week last week, which included all of us getting hit with the stomach bug.  It also included me finally sending the rest of our Christmas cards... except for the ones I was too embarrassed to send because of the extreme lateness.  Like I said last year, and the year before, next year I am going to get it all done in time! I did manage to get my cards on a ring to save and we put all of the decorations away.  I love getting my house back!

Avery got a hair cut this week and refused to let me take her picture, so you get Greyson impatiently watching.  

We followed the hair cut up with some serious jumping and playing.  Whoever invented indoor play areas and jump places, you are my hero and thank you.

We also hit up Home Depot, which my kids will never complain about thanks to having a local one with a Dunkin Donuts inside of it.  Those donuts were hard to look at in the middle of cleansing.  Eek!  Greyson is also in a weird stage where he carries the most random items with him, including bubbles and keychains.  Whatever works!

And some last thoughts... I loved all of the nude and skin tone dresses on the Golden Globes red carpet last night.  I think those shades are so flattering and gorgeous and always something I gravitate towards.  I loved Anna Gunn and Zooey Deschanel's gowns so much, I'm still dreaming about them. And, yes, they were both labeled as worst dressed.  I guess I'm an oddball.  

Anyone else as upset about as I am about Hilary Duff and her husband breaking up?!  My whole Lizzie Maguire-loving world is shattered!  Oh, and finally, I chopped off around six inches of hair and started to go lighter.  I'm a blonderexic at heart.  I just can't quit it!  I'm still getting used to the hair.  It is a big change, but its a new year and time for a fresh start!

Hope everyone has a fabulous start to their week!


  1. Glad you're all feeling better and tell Blogger to cut you some slack and get with the program! Love your hair!!!!


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