Jan 14, 2014

Shopaholic: Big Sweaters and Big Necklaces

Happy Tuesday lovelies!  Let's talk winter wardrobes today, shall we?  Since I have had kids my daily time allotment for getting dressed has gone down by about 99 percent.  I live in a pretty constant state of grab and go and for me to make it out of gym clothes, my closet needs to live by that motto as well.  I have spent the last week plus going through my closet with a fine toothed comb to make that happen.  Yesterday was one of the first days I was able to get dressed in five seconds and feel put together.  

Easy bottom + easy (preferably loose and flowy, duh) top + one large accessory

My version of a math equation.  I'm talking about cutting out lots of patterns, investing in fewer, better quality items (minus my beloved leggings) and letting a little bit of fun jewelry jazz it all up.  Thanks to Natalie's blog I am addicted to the JCrew Merino swing sweater.  It sells out fast so get it while you can.  This would be a great top to where if you're pregnant too!  Below are some more sweaters and necklaces I have been eyeing to add to my closet...

Have a wonderful day!


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  2. Love it all! I'm all about a simple top and accessories! It's the only way us moms can look halfway decent sometimes!

  3. I love how you have your "look" and you have it down!! You look adorable.

  4. LOVE jcrew necklaces! They're usually my go-to gift for friends, too. Ps - your hair looks amazing! We may need to chat stylists; I don't have one I trust in the new 'hood yet ;)

  5. I still haven't bit the bullet on the swing sweater but I think I'm going to have to- it looks so cute on everyone- you included of course. I really need to work on morning routine for me it seems to be all or nothing- I'm either hair done, make up on fully dressed or in my pjs/sweats all day!


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