Feb 14, 2014

Fa la la la Friday!

Happy Valentine's Day and happy Friday lovies!  I don't think I have ever been so happy for a Friday!  Thank you snowmaggedon!  We got a completely ridiculous amount of snow yesterday.  New Jersey was basically shut down, but some of NYC kept trugging on so Josh was in work and the kids and I were in the house.  All day.  Yet again.  OY VEY.  I kept doing laps of our bar cart gazing longingly at the wine, but by the time it was appropriate to sip on some I was buried in toys and organizing projects and pretty much complete insanity.  

That is the view out of our kitchen door.  That black thing? It's a chair and there should a set of stairs next to the wall.  Should be is the key word.  That is a solid few feet right there.  Snow on top of snow on top of snow.  I forget what it feels like to be outside or have Vitamin D flowing through my veins. And the other picture?  That's my crazy kids.  There were toys everywhere yesterday.  I'm still surprised I didn't fall on any and break any bones.

Luckily, I had my Advocare Valentine's Day swap gift waiting woohoo! A hat with a pony tail slot? Freaking brilliant!  I put little goodie baskets of treats for the kids together.  I went easy on the candy because the amount of sugar they consume frightens me.  Either way, they were pretty happy this morning!

The three of us wandered the mall aimlessly on Wednesday after school just to get out of the house while we still could.  I was in a fitting room and got attacked with hugs and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever.  First group hug success!

P.S. if you're in Nordie's and see this make sure you get it! I'm so annoyed at myself for not!  How perfect is this?!

This was my shopping look.  I'm so obsessed with neutrals right now.  They make me feel more light and happy and less snowy and wintry.  I am so one toned and I don't care!

Necklace (no longer available)

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you enjoy lots of QT with your loved ones!


  1. That snow is CRAZY! Love that picture of you three in the dressing room, adorable. That shirt at Nordstrom is so you, bummer you didn't get it, I hate when I do that! Have a great wknd!!!!!

    1. I need to go back and get it for sure. There is so much snow they have just run out of places to put it all!

  2. Love that dressing room pic...cuties!!

  3. That picture of your little munchkins is the best!!!

  4. Hahah I am loving everything in this post except for all that SNOW!! OMG!! We are headed to Vermont on Friday and I am afraid, very afraid. I need a pony tail hat stat!! lol


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