Feb 10, 2014


It's snowing again as I type this, but I am seriously dreaming of Spring.  Like gazing longingly at my stack of shorts and craving a spray tan.  Until the warm weather, we are enjoying all of the fireplace action and attempted fun in the snow with a couple of snow-hating kids we can.  Oh, and watching the Olympics basically nonstop!

And then come the selfies...

I have found some amazing bargains lately, including these booties for $10!

My new StitchFix top!

I need new boots!

$10 sweater from the Gap

I need a change from my winter wardrobe desperately.  It is so chilly that I wear my slippers whenever we are inside lately to keep my tootsies warm!  I also need an iron stat!  Any recommendations?

Happy Monday! 


  1. Love the booties! We are in the same boat as you. The snow, cold, fireplace, and winter overload boat. YUCK~!

    1. I am counting the seconds until warm weather!! I am sure you are too!

  2. Beyond ready for Spring! We got a steamer a couple of years ago from Costco that we use in place of an iron for shirts and sweaters and it is amazing! I think it was around $75 but it has been a life saver!

    1. Good call on the steamer! I have never gotten one because of the price but I also never thought to look at Costco! Thanks for the tip girlie!

  3. I wish I could send some of our warmth to you!
    That picture of Greyson cracks me up! Too cute xo

  4. That picture of your little one asleep in the shopping cart is too cute! So jealous I would love to be able to fall asleep anywhere

    1. Thank you sweets! So would I and have the time to sleep!!


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