Feb 11, 2014


It's Tuesday... it is time to shop!  So many stores and sites are still having great winter sales and now some Spring sales.  I'm so Spring/Summer-thinking when it comes to my closet right now.  If only the weather would cooperate...

I am loving the printed pant trend that is everywhere right now.  I'm not sure I could pull it off, but these babies are on the top of my list!

How cute are these boots? I need new boots and I'm thinking these may push the Hunters out of the running.  I love a good polka dot!

I don't really need a new wallet, but I love this color and the bow.  How fun would this be to see peeking out of your bag?

I may have started drooling over summer shoes while I was (needlessly) wallet browsing.  These are under $100 and SO adorable! I have yet to meet a bow I didn't like!

I was way too into the handkerchief trend in the late 90's/early 2000's and this dress totally reminds me of those tops (you know what I'm talking about!)  I love the white/taupe/brown combo - it would look killer with a tan!

I was eyeing the plain strap version of this watch, and saw the stud version.  How fun is this time piece? It would be perfect as your only accessory!

I so want to be someone who can pull off a midi top.  Not sure I can do it, but this might be the top that convinces me otherwise.  It looks so chic but could definitely be worn hanging around with the kids!

I am literally coveting this dress for Valentine's Day or any other day I would have an excuse to wear a dress.  These colors are dreamy and the cut is super flattering.  I'm thinking Clover Canyon can do no wrong.  Whose with me?

Happy Tuesday and happy shopping!


  1. OMG that wallet and those sandals.... Love!!!!!

    1. Please get the sandals because you can actually wear them! Do it for me :)

  2. Obsessed with those print pants! And only $59? You can't really go wrong!

    1. I love them and the price! I'm waiting until they have an extra 20% off to order because why not? ;)

  3. Newest follower!! Loving all your picks!!

  4. This post has me so excited for warmer weather! (except tonight we're are supposed to get hit with 10-15 inches of snow) ughhh over it

    1. Me too and same with the snow. I just can't take anymore winter clothing! I hope you don't get too much snow and stay warm!

  5. Replies
    1. I cannot stop scrolling through their site. It's boot dreaminess!


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