Feb 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday lovelies!  I'm so not prepared for more snow after this way too warm and mild weekend.  Before that groundhog popped out, I actually thought we had a shot at a better end to winter.  I was wrong.  We had a really great weekend though, so there is nothing to be bummed about!  We started off with our now nightly round of Just Dance.  Avery is obsessed and Josh and I get way too into it. 

And this little guy.  He had a big weekend!

Living super close to the Super Bowl is very interesting.  First of all, the Super Bowl was NOT in New York people! It was in New Jersey!  And who knew that Super Bowl cakes were such a thing?  All of our grocery stores were stocked!

We had a little party for Greyson's birthday at our house, yes very belatedly.  It was a train theme since he is completely obsessed with all things choo choo.  I was way too excited about the favors and having a reason to make mimosas.  I will find any excuse to pop the bubbly these days!

I busted out my pink pants for the partay because what occasion is not a good occasion for pink pants?  Yeah, I knew there was no answer.  Please note the angry birthday boy behind me.  Why was he upset? Because I wouldn't open that Lululemon bag for him.  Toddler problems.

When the party was over, there was nothing left to do but throw some pants on our heads and go about the rest of the day.

Sunday was much more mellow, however there are a zillion deflated balloons EVERYWHERE.  I am waiting until I snap and take a kitchen knife to them all.  Ok, I probably won't... I just like to exaggerate.  

I will be cleaning my house (happily!) all week and rolling in the snow (not happily!)  I'm also guest posting over at Kids and Cabernet today with my favorite fast makeup tools!

Make sure you pop over and check it out!  Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had hats too but they didn't come in time :(

  2. I love the sulking in the corner picture...toddler problems the weirdest things the get upset over! Love your pink pants!

    1. The drama of being two! Hope you're having a great one!

  3. Fun weekend! Thanks again for guest posting xx

  4. What a fabulous party it was! And your pink pants looked awesome :)


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