Feb 5, 2014

What's In the Bag

Happy Wednesday!  Today I'm starting a new series called What's in the Bag?  I'm a super nosy person.  I can't help it, it is just my nature.  Because of this lovely quality, I adore when people share what they carry in their purse, diaper bag, gym bag, etc.  Why? It is a great way to see what you don't need to be trugging around with and find out what you great ideas you may be missing out on.  I'm going to have some fabulous guest bloggers share their bags down the road, too!  Today, I'm starting with my handbag and what is in there on a day to day basis.  This is right now because I have been hauling the diaper bag around too.  There are times (usually when it is warmer out) that I throw a lot of the diaper bag gear in my purse as well.  I have been using my Annabel Ingall tote for a while now because it is sturdy, lightweight, and pretty huge and not huge all at once.  It's a pretty awesome bag and I highly recommend it!  So what's in there?  

1.  Minnie Mouse cosmetic bag filled with crayons.  This is a necessity for keeping Avery and Greyson amused in restaurants.

2.  Makeup bag filled with lipstick, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a mirror, hand lotion and head phones.

3.  Wallet.  A given.

4. Mini wallet filled with gift cards.  Greyson ran off with this and hid it from us for a solid few weeks not long ago. I keep a close eye on this guy now!

5.  Sunglasses.  Ray Bans are always my go-to!

6.  Pacifier.  I always have at least one!

7.  Coffee sleeve.  My sister in law gave me this for Christmas, and I LOVE it!  I feel like I'm helping the environment (very, very mildly) and mostly, it's cute.

8.  Lip gloss and chap stick.  I love Trish McEvoy glosses and Honest chap stick lately.  I am an anti-hoarder and never keep more than one gloss and one chap stick in my bag at a time.

9.  Phone.  It is currently case-less (gasp!)

There you have it! Not much to it.  I'm pretty anal about keeping "stuff" out of my purse because it fills up with random things quickly and easily.  I try to empty it once a week to prevent it from becoming a black hole, and always find the most random things.

Stay tuned for more posts like these to come!

Stay warm and dry today friends!



  1. Loveeeee the wallet! I have the pink one, but the zipper is broken :(

    1. Boo to being broken! Take it to get fixed, they are usually really great about repairs! I tend to destroy my handbags and they fix them!

  2. Great post! I love that your LV pouchette is your makeup bag. I remember once upon a time (ahem, college) when that tiny thang would be all I needed for a big night out. Now, it barely holds 1/10 of what I need, day-to-day!

    1. Thank you love! That was my go-to bag ten plus years ago. Oh, how the times have changed and the bags have expanded!

  3. I love seeing what others carry in their bags as well! I'm impressed with your one gloss/chapstick in your bag at all times.. I typically have like 12 of them floating around in there! So bad!

    1. I used to do that but I kept losing them. I have a tendency to drop my bag everywhere and lose half of the contents oops!

  4. My bag looks pretty much the same, minus the crayons ;) I love it! Thanks for sharing...and LOVE that wallet!

  5. Love this! I'm such a snoop that I love seeing what others put in their bag...I might just have to do a similar little post. Chapstick, kleenex and gum are my guarantees! =)

  6. I love this!! I was just thinking of doing one of these post because I too love seeing what people carry. My bag looks similar only I usually have 100 crumpled up receipts and other trash in my bag :)


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