Feb 18, 2014

What's In The Bag

Hello lovelies!  I am so excited to have Natalie from East Coast Chic here to share her "What's In The Bag" post!  You have to check out her blog - it is one of my daily reads!  

Hi Pink and Fabulous readers!  I'm Natalie from East Coast Chic.  I'm an east coast girl who blogs about anything from my new baby boy to house renovations to my favorite shopping finds.   I can't thank Lindsay enough for having me over to her blog today to share what's in my bag!     

I love handbags and I'm always changing mine.  Yes even with a baby in toe I still switch my bag up every 1-2 weeks.  If I don't I just end up getting bored!  Right now I'm carrying my favorite Louis Vuitton Neverful MM.  I received this as a 30th birthday gift and 2 years later it's still one of my favorites that I use at least once every month.  

Here is my bag and lucky for you all I just switched bags so you don't get to see my normal pile of receipts and trash :)

 1. Change of clothes for my 7 month old son- I learned early on that babies are messy so I always keep an extra pair of clothes for the unexpected

2. Kate Spade wallet- I've been using Kate Spade wallets for years now and I don't think I'll ever switch.  I have this pink one and a black one that I rotate between. 

3. Check book- yes it's old school but I still carry my checkbook with me everywhere.  You never know when you might need to write a check.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond coupons- I always keep these with me since they never expire and who doesn't love to save money. It also helps that the BB&B is right next to my Target so if I can't find it at Target I try BB&B.

5. Cosmetic case- holds the usual- lip gloss, lotion, hair ties, mirror etc. 

6. Baby Toys- must have these on hand to entertain the little guy.  You never know when a melt down is coming.

7. Diapers and wipes- these are a given with a baby.

8. Tide pen, Hand sanitizer, and Static Guard- Tide pen for stains.  Hand sanitizer because I'm crazy and use it constantly.  Static Guard because I have out of control static in the winter. 

9. Icebreakers mints and duo mints- regular mints for fresh breath and duo mints to help with my sugar cravings so I don't buy a candy bar when I'm in the checkout aisle at Target

Not pictured are my iphone and sunglasses.  I was taking pics with the iphone and my sunglasses I've been keeping in my car lately so I don't forget them.   I have to admit I tend to be a hoarder when it comes to crap in my handbag and I can let it get totally out of control.  Since having a baby I've been trying to keep my bag as neat and light as possible so I can find things quickly and not spend time digging through a black hole.  I haven't quite acheived that yet but I'm getting there. 

 Thanks so much for having me Lindsay! 

Thanks for sharing Natalie! And don't forget to check out East Coast Chic!


  1. Loving that bag and good for you for still changing your bags -- I need to try and do that more often!!

  2. Love that bag...big enough for all the necessities but still amazing to look at!

  3. Thanks so much for having me!!


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