Mar 11, 2014


Oh my gosh you guys - this weather today and yesterday has me Spring shopping like a crazy lady!  I am ready for tee shirts, dresses, rompers, sandals, the works!
I have been trying to hunt down a cute BB Dakota cute (the make the cutest at the best prices) with no luck and this cardigan could easily pass as a light coat.  I love the draping and the neutral color.

After seeing this on my friend Liesl this past weekend I absolutely need this dress.  The picture doesn't do it any justice.  It is SO cute in person and would be perfect a dinner date or a shower.  Plus, the $30 price tag doesn't hurt!

I spotted this while I was hunting down the dress above.  It looks so much more pricey than it is and navy is one of my favorite match-everything (even black) colors!

I came so close to buying this shirt when I was in Zara last week and I am totally regretting it.  I have something to return so I think I may need to bring her home. I love the pattern and the flowing sleeves.

I have been loving royal blue lately.  I think it looks flattering on any skin tone and hair color.  I also love a good 3/4 sleeve dress.  This would be the perfect every day dress that could be snazzed up with some fun heels.  

These pants, omg.  Click on the link and look at the other photos please! They look so flattering on and seem like they would feel like you are wearing a more glamorous pj pant.

I am kicking myself for not buying a pair of Joie sandals on sale this fall. I definitely need a pair for this spring and summer.  

I love, love, love a good shorts/long sleeve romper.  I think they are so flattering on and so comfortable.  This grey is such a perfect shade too.

Happy shopping friends!


  1. That crochet dress and that romper are to die for!! Please tell me you bought them both for yourself?!

  2. Need that shift dress and the romper....of course I would pick the Ella Moss item!! grrrr

  3. So I just went to buy that shift dress for a wedding this summer and was so sad to see they don't have it in XS! Off to find a similar one.. obsessed with the royal blue!


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