Mar 20, 2014

The ABC's of Me

After I saw my girl Katie Elizabeth do this post, I had to join in too!  I love reading blogs and getting to know other people (I'm so nosy!)  Plus, who doesn't love a fun question and answer game!

A- AGE: Ugh.  30 plus a tiny bit.  
B - BIRTHDAY: October 6th
C - COLOR: Pink.  Duh!
D - DRINK:  Seltzer.  I'm a seltzer junkie.  If that were a thing...
E - EYES:  Blue, green, greyish.  Hazel?
F - FLASHBACK: College.  Just college.  I miss college!
G - GENT:  My good old hubby and baby daddy, Josh.

H - HOBBY:  Blogging, shopping, organizing, shopping, working out, shopping...
J - JOB:  Raising these crazy kids of mine and some part time marketing writing.
K - KIDDOS:  Avery is five and Greyson is two but I am pretty sure you know them by now :)

L - LOVE:  My family and my pup and my friends!

M - MUSIC:  I love me a good pop song.  Britney forever!
N - NICKNAME:  Newts.  Can't say I love it or could shake it.  The problem with having Newton as a last name...
O - ONE WISH:  That I still lived in San Diego.  I miss it every single day.
P - PETS:  My Maltese, Maggie and ugh, a black cat named Rhys.  I'm super allergic to cats.

Q - QUOTE:  "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
R - RESIDENCE:  West Orange, New Jersey, right outside of NYC.  
S - SIBLINGS:  One younger brother 

T - TEMPERATURE: 70 and sunny all day errrry day
U - UNIVERSITY:  Syracuse baby!  (and FIDM)
V - VEHICLE:  Volvo's.  Such a mom mobile.
W - WORST HABIT:  It is super creepy, but I constantly rub my eyebrows.  My dad did it and now Avery does it.
X - XRAYS:  I don't know?
Y - YUCK:  Feet.  Ew feet!
Z - ZODIAC: Libra!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wine is my indulgence as well! And your kids are the cutest =)

  2. How cute is this post and you!! Loved reading more about you! That wedding picture is beautiful!!!! I need to do this post too!

  3. love this post idea!! and you look much younger than 30! :)

  4. Love this post!! I might have to steal this idea ;) I'm a seltzer junkie too- I drink it nonstop. I agree witht he flashback... I miss college so much!! I don't blame you for missing San Diego over NJ!

  5. I love this post idea! I'm going to do one today :) Thanks!

  6. Love this post and we have a lot in common! You are so lucky you are only 30!

  7. Loved this! How did I forget feet on my yuck list?! Ugh, they're the worst! Are you watching the Syracuse game right now? They're playing my alma mater, Western Michigan University! Go Broncos ;)

  8. Move back to CA!!!!

    YAY for libras!


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