Apr 10, 2014

Windy Weather Staples

There is no single item of clothing that I have consistently loved longer than a good puffy vest.  I got my first puffer in high school and have rotated through many over the years since.  They are the perfect outerwear for these crazy windy Spring days.  Throw in a good plaid shirt (JCrew makes the best) and some sparkly shoes and I'm out the door!  Sparkles and plaid make everything better, right?  This is totally one of my momiforms, but I have been rocking it since the college days.  You can't go wrong with a classic!

Denim here
Button Down Similar
Vest Similar
Shoes Similar 
Sunglasses here

... and this is what was going on in the background.  Don't even ask where my child's pants are...


P.S. the winner of the Majestical Jewelry giveaway is... Amanda Z! I will send you an email with info!


  1. Cute outfit!!! Lol at the kids pics! Jonah loves to be pantless too haha!! And Whoo hoo for winning! Xo

  2. Your kids are too too cute and I love your necklace. I feel you on the windy days!! They are so annoying. No lipgloss or it's in my hair. :-)

    For the cauliflower bake. You can use regular ranch dressing too if you want it creamier.


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