May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites: Beauty Edition

Happy Friday loves!  How much more delicious are Summer Fridays than any others?  Even without any plans, they are just so much more enjoyable.  I wish all Fridays could be like these!  That being said, with the Summer weather comes a whole new wave of beauty products for this junkie (beauty, that is!)  I love shopping for new products so much so that it may be a problem - oops!  I lighten up my beauty and hair routine big time with the humidity and heat and my dry skin gets a break from the beating it takes the rest of the year.  Here's what I am loving lately...

I have the hardest time choosing a facial cleanser of any product.  I feel like they can be overpriced and that I need several different types to get one job done.  I started using Dermalogica on a whim, and I am a happy girl!  This cleanser is great on my sensitive skin!  It takes my makeup off and leaves me without that super dry feeling when I am done.

Another Dermalogica product, this Dermalogica - Skin Hydrating Booster - 30ml/1oz
is amazing under moisturizer! I love an extra kick of moisture to help prevent aging and to give my skin more moisture.  This does the trick and is super lightweight.  I love, love, LOVE this!

I need a powerful detangler to get a comb through my crazy hair, and after years of using It's A 10, my hairstylist recommended Uniq One 150ml
which is AMAZING and about a third of the price.  It smells yummy and it gets a comb right through my hair. When it is super hot out, I like to just have one product to spray in and go and this does the job of several products in one shot.

4.  Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble for Unisex - 4 oz Hairspray

I remember when Bumble and Bumble first came out with this spray (way too long ago for me to specify!)  I have loved this product since then and rely on it to make my hair more wavy/less poufy during the summer.  If you can't be at the beach all summer, you can spray it in your hair!

I love Honest products, and this one is no different than the rest.  It is perfect for summer when sometimes lotion just feels too heavy.  I love how light, yet moisturizing it is.  It also dries fast and not oily at all.  I use it on myself and the kids!  

I'm linking up with my girl Amanda for Friday Faves!

Have a fabulous weekend!

May 29, 2014

Rainy Day Blues

After temperatures hit the high 80's earlier this week, it started pouring and we are back in the 50's/60's.  This weather this past year is kicking my butt! My wardrobe and I cannot keep up with it!  Thank goodness for Hunter rain boots!  I only have one pair and I think I need a nice, new shiny pair to keep up with this weather.  Who has the glossy ones and loves them?  I scored my pearl necklace a couple of weeks ago at Lord and Taylor on super sale - $58 down to $7!  I couldn't find it online, but there are some similar listed below.  I also eyed this top at Anthropologie for a long time (it was in a past Shopaholic post) before I finally got it.  I can't wait to wear it with leggings next Winter!  

Top (available in store, different pattern here)
Shorts (same in different colors here and similar here)
Boots and here also
Necklace (similar here and here)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

May 28, 2014

This and That

Suns out means we're out!  We have been outside a LOT lately and busy, busy, busy!  I love having so much fun and the kiddos do too!  There's nothing better than a long day of playing to make you sleep well at night!  

Old Navy popover for the win!

My little nail buddy.  I was so proud she picked orange and blue - Syracuse colors!

My Spanish cheese plate with jalapeno hummus.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe's!

Our kitty decided to go on a little adventure (he has never run away and isn't an outdoor cat) which made for two very happy children when he finally returned!

So. Much. Attitude.  It's like having a teenager, seriously.  There are so many fights and so many tears.  Does this stage end? When she's sweet, she's the sweetest and that makes up for it all.

I have been eating like it's nobody's business.  I'm trying to mix up my workout routine and stick to a diet because I have been riding the hot mess express lately.  Hot yoga is my favorite detox these days - nothing like sweating it all out!

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and my white clothes are on parade.  I am on the hunt for new white jeans!  The Rockstars I wanted from Old Navy were sold out in my size online so send me recommendations!!

Have a fabulous day!

May 27, 2014


I have been hard at work on a living room redo and I need some new throw pillows.  This West Elm beauty is calling my name! I love the neutral and metallic combo.

Anchors and a romper all in one?  I'm pretty sure this is the best romper ever!  The $34 price tag doesn't hurt either.

Pleated shorts elevate an everyday casual item into date night attire.  Black is always my go-to for a night out short and pleating dresses it up even more.  Paired with a fun top and heels, this will be my new night time uniform.

Speaking of Factory, how cute is this popover?  It would match any color of their chino shorts (which I way basically daily.)

I love flowy tank tops and after the weekend of gorging (aka celebrating Memorial Day) I had, I need a lot more of these in my life.  It is hard to find them at low prices, but this beauty is flowy and inexpensive!
Speaking of flowy tanks... Target has a bunch right now and I love this bright color.  I will stocking up asap!
Then there is this beauty.  She's a little pricier, but would be great for so much thanks to the bright white color.  I swear Ella Moss stuff lasts forever too.
These are so so good. I love snakeskin! It matches so much.  I'm reallllly hoping they go on sale soon!

Wide leg summer pants are something that I am a total sucker for!  I was so shocked to see these on Old Navy's site!  How fab is the color?  They are great for a night out at the beach or to run errands in when you're just not in the mood for shorts.

Happy shopping!

May 26, 2014

When Life Gives You Skirts, Make Dresses

Happy Memorial Day!  This skirt came in my last Stitch Fix, and while I loved the colors, it was super long.  The solution?  Pull it all the way up and make it a dress!  It's no secret that I love a good, tenty, mumu-esque dress and this fit the bill perfectly.  The best part is that I can wear it as a skirt if I want to!  Two for one!  This isn't the first skirt I have done this with - I wore a black maxi skirt as a dress through most of my last pregnancy.  You get more bang for your buck and a flowy, comfy-chic dress.

Dress - same in different patterns here
Earrings - no longer available. Similar here
Sandals - no longer available.  Similar here

Enjoy this holiday and all of the sunshine!

May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  I'm so excited for a long weekend, even if the weather may not be perfect.  Memorial Day means Summer and Summer means warm weather, long days outside and easy, breezy dressing.  Cue my happy heart!  This week I am linking up with Amanda again for Friday Favorites!

Here's what I am loving this week...

Dressing up

It's no secret that I love dressing up - playing with clothing and accessories.  My little lady loves this as well, and it looks like my little man is also a pretty huge fan.  I am practically rolling on the floor when he appears in his accessories.  I love when the toddler stage when they don't care what anyone thinks and are so full of endless imagination!

My Anthro tanks finally came and I am obsessed!  This picture does not do it justice at all.  It is so flowy and so comfortable! I got the white and the grey one.  I highly recommend!

Chambray and Neon
Hello new favorite color combo!  I put this on in a hurry before school pick up and decided I need both more neon and more chambray in my life and that I need them together.  ASAP. Stat. Pronto.  (I have an instant gratification problem, clearly.)

Our Gallery Wall
Our hallway wall was a hot mess (should have taken a before, shudder!)  but I patched, sanded, and painted her up to what may have been her original beauty.  I wanted to make it fun and special since it is between the kids' rooms so I used some of their artwork and some fun quotes I found on Pinterest with a couple of pictures and put it together.  I laid it all out on the floor first, which I think was super helpful to getting it up without adding a ton of holes in the wall.  Now, when I walk up our stairs, I get so happy seeing all of these little happies!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend!

May 22, 2014


You guys - today let's talk about rompers aka the grown up onesie.  I love rompers.  They're easy, they're cute, and they're pretty darn flattering . The only downside is when you have to use the ladies' room, but that's neither here nor there.  I personally find the best ones on Shopbop and Revolve.  Sometimes Forever21 has great ones too, but definitely try on because the sizing and fit can be way off.  Here is a bunch of cuties I found, all for under $100, because really, who wants to spend a fortune on a onesie?!

Happy adult onesie shopping ;)

May 21, 2014

My Big Spotty Necklace

... and the post has that title because that's how my husband talks about my necklace.  He thinks it is leopard when we all know it's tortoise shell ;)  I love this necklace and had to wait for it be back in stock, but IMHO it was worth the wait!  These shorts are my go-to summer staples.  I buy them in multiple colors every spring and wear them all season.  I hope the swing sweater gets restocked for the fall!  Fingers crossed on the best sweater ever in more colors!

Sweater (no longer available, similar here)

p.s.  Make sure you check out the Kate Spade surprise sale!  There is some good stuff, including this beauty!

Have a fabulous day!
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