Jun 6, 2014

Friday Favorites Workout Edition

Happy (almost) weekend!!  As usual, I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  This week, it's all about my favorite workouts!    

I am not saying that I judge anyone based on whether or how they workout - I just love these workouts and wanted to share them.  I try to make working out a part of my day, ever day, because I have a lot of anxiety and find this to be one of the best ways to help me release stress and build up endorphins.  

1.  Barre3

It's no secret that I love Barre3.  I talk about it on here a lot.  It is such a great workout.  It makes my muscles feel like they worked, but in a different way than a traditional yoga, pilates or strength workout.  There is light weight lifting, large and small movements, and stretching.  It is a great compliment to any exercise!  An hour of this makes me feel like I worked my butt off and gives me tons of energy.

2.  Spin with weights

My gym offers strength cycling classes which I love, love LOVE!  You use three or five pound weights at various times during the class, do crunches and push ups and lots of different movements, all while on the bike.  It is such a great total body workout and a calorie burner.  It is the best way to get in cardio and strength all at once.  It's also just like Soul Cycle, if there is a studio near you!

3.  Hot yoga

I never knew how much I needed hot yoga until I started it.  I have practiced and loved yoga for years, but add in the hot temperatures and everything changes.  All of my aches and pains disappear and I get tons of water weight off.  It's challenging and relaxing all at the same time.  I swear this has helped me with a few different physical issues (neck pain, etc.) I was having!  Plus, you sweat off a ton of calories!

4.  Weight Training

I hated weights for years because I thought only cardio could make me lose weight.  Clearly, I was wrong.  I recommend getting a certified trainer and learning the ropes.  I only lift a couple of times per week, but I love it.  I feel less ravenous than when I was doing tons of cardio and the results are fantastic.  Who doesn't want to be toned?

5.  Cardio Kickboxing

I recently discovered this workout, which is sort of like a high intensity dance and kick boxing mix.  It is a calorie torcher and the most fun way to burn calories!  The class flies by and I find myself smiling a ton during it because it is just so fun to do!

What workouts am I missing?  Please share!!  Have a fabulous weekend!  I'll hopefully be spending a couple hours at the gym during mine!



  1. I've always loved spin and kickboxing, but I only recently tried yoga. I loved that I felt like I got a great workout without being drenched in sweat :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I haven't heard of barre 3 but im definitely going to check it out! Spinning on it's own is intense but with weight woof!! You should check out tabata workouts...just google it and lots will pop up!! :)

  3. I had no idea there was such a thing as spin with weights! I need to try this immediately! I LOVE Barre3 though! I haven't been in a few months... I need to go again! Cardio kickboxing is one of my favorite things. I always feel like such a bad ass LOL! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Love hot yoga too. Need to get back into it. My gym doesn't offer it...

    I do weight training to LOOK good and I do cardio to FEEL good. Isn't that the truth?

  5. I love spin too and always wish my gym would incorporate weights into our spin class too!! And I agree about weight training...I used to think it would only make me gain weight but it can make such a difference!

  6. You know how I feel about Barre ;-) Spin is my other love! Great post girl I love these workout tips!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  7. I've just started to get into yoga (at home) and I had no idea how much of a workout it really is! I want to try hot yoga but I get heat headaches pretty easily so I'm not sure if I could handle it, haha. I love that you mix it up and do a bunch of different workouts - you look great!

  8. I can do yoga just not hot yoga! I feel like someone is suffocating me haha. I wish there were Soul Cycle classes around here though, I'd love to try some out!!


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