Jun 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  It's the first official Friday of Summer!!  I'm linking up again for Friday favorites!

I used to love concerts and go to them on the reg.  Then I had kids.  And got kind of old.  We went to the DMB concert with some friends this week and it was like the glory days of old!  There's nothing some cheap wine, a limo ride and some sweet live tunes can't make better.  SUMMER!  The set list was pretty amazing too if you're going to see him!

This was my concert look. Target top and (FOR THE WIN) really old Target maternity shorts.  Holy moly was I comfy!  (see also: Tory Burch sandals and Rebecca Minkoff bag)
. . .

My spunky little guy
Greyson seems to have grown up so much this week and is turning into quite the little comedian.  These pictures in order are: how he fell asleep after fighting naps all week, when he requested I take the dog's hair holder out post-grooming and put it in his hair, and his hours of amusement with a bunch of used bubble wrap.  Seriously, he's here all week!
. . .

Avery's end of preschool
Avery finished preschool forever this week.  I'm not sure this should go under a "favorite" since I spent so much time being horrifically sad about it.  I literally cannot tell you where the time went and how she grew up so fast.  She had so many fun celebrations and I love watching her interact with all of her friends.  Totally tearing up as I write this, by the way.  I AM NOT READY FOR KINDERGARDEN.  Fyi...
. . .

I love going out to a nice dinner and sipping wine, but anymore I am loving all of the little BYOB restaurants by us.  This was not typical where I grew up or in California, so I love being able to toss whatever wine I want in my bag (because it's always that big) and go!
(this was Sunday night)

 Case in point - sushi!
. . .

White Bean and Chicken Chili
I made this for dinner last night and will be lunching on it for the next few days.  So light and filling all at once! I have to post the recipe asap!  Why am I the only person who saves all of my chili cooking until it is warm out?!  I'm so confused!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. That concert sounds like an amazing time! Mini wine bottles are the best! LOVE your little black clutch... I think I need that! ;) Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Your food looks so good woman! I need to check out if the restaurants here let you BYOB. That's awesome! Grayson is the cutest and I'm sad about Avery and I don't even know her, they grow so fast!

  3. We don't have many BYOB places around me. It is a rare treat! So jealous!

  4. I will be having some sushi tonight and can't wait (no different than any other friday night haha)!! I love what you wore to the DMB concert- looking HOT!! Have a great weekend!

  5. I am not ready for kindergarten either. NEVER EVER will be ready! :) PS Have you managed to see how TJ Maxx has some RM purses now?

  6. ohh DMB definitley reminds me of my college days and I love that you could bring in the wine!! Your outfit was perfectly adorable and casual too :)

  7. Dave is on my bucket list!! He comes to Chicago every year around 4th of July but I always seem to be stuck working. And yes to BYOB restaurants! And sushi... thank goodness it's almost lunch time!

  8. My brother went to the DMB concert this past weekend in MA and he said it was amazing. I love your concert outfit. I had the hardest time picking my concert outfit for the Counting Crows.....I love the necklace you are wearing. Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  9. Love your concert outfit especially the TB sandals ;-)

    The only DMB concert I went to was when I used to live in CT... and we took a car service too which made it that.much.better!

  10. Love your concert outfit! So summery and easy! And your little man sounds like he has such the personality! :)


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