Jun 30, 2014

Vacation Recap

Happy Monday my lovelies!  I'm homeeeee and back with a recap of our last two weeks of traveling.  Two weeks is a long time with a couple of kiddos!  I'm so grateful we get to take these awesome trips, but I can't lie, this mama gets tired!  A nice tan and happy babes makes up for it!  This is picture heavy (be warned!) but let's get to it...

I can't lie, nothing gives me more anxiety than flying alone with the kids.  They are pretty well behaved, but the idea of a meltdown and the fact that they seem to only speak at a volume of full blast along with a tendency to get into slapping fights makes me need a Xanax.  They were great though!

They spent a LOT of time playing together and getting along...

While Greyson hammed it up for me left and right...

Avery refused to let me take any pictures of her because she took daily swimming lessons and finally overcame her fear of the water and turned into a full blown fish.

I may have needed a daily cocktail.  Boo agreed with me.

 We went on an awesome dolphin-watching sunset boat ride which was a big highlight of our trip (after the tears dried.)

Avery woke up the first morning with her first loose tooth.  I almost burst into tears.  Why does time go so fast?

And I tried to get a good picture of me and the kiddos.  This was the best one.  Greyson was trying to throw himself out of my arms and pinching me.  Avery nailed it, though!

I tried to pack as lightly as possible and re-wore things - we were lucky enough to have a washer and dryer where we stayed.  Nobody needs to be packing ten suitcases and traveling with kids!

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Have a happy 4th of July week!!

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  1. Love all of the pictures! So glad you guys had a great time! You're brave for not only flying but taking 2 kids by yourself on vacay too. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
    Have a great day! Xo

  2. Love all the pics and of course that you flew Jet Blue (best airline ever)! Looks like a fabulous trip, where did you guys go?

  3. Great pics! Looks like you guys had an amazing vacation! Totally jealous! :)

    <3, Pamela

  4. What an epic vacation!! I love all the cover-ups that you packed and that top with the white shorts is so cute!! Happy that you're back!! :)

  5. love all the pics - looks like you guys had a great time! great action shot of Avery jumping in the pool! did you get photos of dolphins?! so jealous!

  6. How adorable! They look like they had such a great time! I love all your beach looks! So cute!

  7. Looks like you had a great time, getting me pumped for my own vacation! 3 days away and very much needed!...btw digging those yellow shorts, so fresh!

  8. Vacations with kids are no joke! Looks like y'all had a great time! Did you go to Florida?

  9. I agree on packing light! And my fav pic is Avery (aka the little fish) JUMPING into the pool!!!!!!!

  10. Wait did you take 2 kids on vacation for 2 weeks by yourself?!?! If so you deserve a case of wine and a week at the spa alone for a reward!! Love all of your outfits! Love the family photo and Avery jumping into the pool- so glad she loves the water now.

  11. Loved following along on Instagram -- you guys look like you've had so much fun and I'm just a *little* jealous of your tans!!


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