Jul 31, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!  I'm linking up with my girls Annie and Nat again!

This week has been crazy.  And crazy in such a weird way.  All I want to do is this...

The weekend started off with Avery losing her second tooth.  And by losing, I mean, I pulled it out.  She's getting way too good at this.

I took my first non-hot yoga class in a while and was reminded why I love hot yoga so much more.  I feel like everything just melts more and the poses and flow are much easier when your body is so loosened up.

I followed up yoga with some afternoon Irish coffees with my girlfriends.  Why do I not drink these more?  They were SO delicious and I was wired afterward!

A friend of mine gave me this bracelet for my birthday a couple years ago and I love it.  I wish I could find one like it because I want more.  If anyone sees anything similar please share!!

The Philly girl in me is SO happy - I got both kids to eat hoagies for dinner the other night!  Sure, it isn't the healthiest of meals, but my little sandwich haters know what the good stuff is!

This has been what my week looks like for a large part.  I had some minor surgery done, and have been laying on the couch.  I am not a fan of laying around.  I am very hyper and go, go, go so this has been harder than I expected.  I'm lucky to have such great friends to help me out!  Seriously, what would we do without our friends during the rough stuff?

We are off to close on our new house today (yay!)  More on that later...  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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Jul 30, 2014

Healthy Banana Oat Muffins

Who loves muffins?  Me!!  And my kids.  Those kids are muffin junkies!  I have made a few different recipes for them with no real hits until  I stumbled across this one.  It was easy, it's pretty clean, and they have been gobbling them up.  I may have had one or two myself and FYI, they're extra tasty warmed up with a little bit of butter!

Recipe via

2.5 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup greek yogurt
2 eggs
1/2 cup honey
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 TBSP ground flax seed
1 tsp vanilla
2 over ripe bananas

- Preheat oven to 375
- Pulse oats in a food processor until close to a flour like consistency
- Either add to your food processor or in a strong blender (i.e. Vitamix) add the remaining ingredients.  Blend until smooth.
- I added some mini chocolate chips to make it kid-friendly.
- Divide batter among 12 greased cupcake tins or liners and bake for 18-20 minutes.

My kids have been eating these every morning (that's RARE!) They're minimally processed and much better than boxed muffins.  And my kids eat them.  They're gluten free and low fat.  My kids eat them.  Did I already say that?!

Happy baking!


Jul 29, 2014


I am obsessed with studs on shoes.  I feel like I say this every other day!

These also come in black and are THE perfect fall pant IMHO.  I need both pairs!  These are great, wear everyday, dress up or down pants.

I got mine last week and have already started using it early!  These are my favorite agenda because of the size, layout and price tag!

And then I saw this at LP and fell in love.  Hard!

But this also screamed my name because navy and white matches everything and I think elephants are super chic!

I love Sydney Evan jewelry ever since I first stalked down Lauren Conrad's hamsa hand necklace from the Hills days.  Everything is delicate and unique and can stand out on its own despite the daintiness.  I have such a weakness for heart jewelry.  My birthday is coming up so husband please take note!  (I know you're reading this!)

I saw these and my heart skipped about five beats.   I. Need.  These.  NEED!

I love snakeskin and this cami is a great price and looks pricier than it is!  I have to pop in to the mall this week so I plan on snagging her while I am there!

Happy shopping friends and hope today is fabulous!

Jul 28, 2014

My Favorite Summer Dress

If you buy one maxi dress, buy this one please!  I have talked about it a lot before, but I figured it was time to show it off!  It is easy to wash and wear, looks effortlessly stylish, comes in great colors, and fits like a dream.  I want to own this dress in every color and pattern it comes in.  Really.  REALLY.

Now I just need a short one and a few more long ones and I will be good to go! Just kidding.  Sort of...

Have a fabulous day!

Jul 25, 2014

W by Wilt

Have you guys been shopping W by Wilt?  I got a few pieces for Summer and L-O-V-E them!  They are easy, comfy and great prices!  If you sign up for Last Call emails you will get the extra discounts and they are on sale in-store a lot.  These are great if you have kids (me) or are a messy eater (me) because they wash and wear so well.  

Happy Friday and hope every has a fabulous weekend!

Jul 24, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Helloooo! Sorry about the radio silence yesterday, I just needed a minute.  Even though it is Summer and we aren't traveling much, we are slammed!  But more on that next week!  I'm linking up with the lovely Annie and Natalie for Thoughts on Thursday!

- I am kind of in a blog funk for no reason at all.  I have so much to shop/write/talk about but I just feel like I am always out of time.  I seriously need a few more house in ever day because mama ain't fitting it all in.  

- The kids and I took a quick road trip this week and it reaffirmed how much of a pain road trips with two kids and a semi-crazy dog are, and also made me feel like "oh hey I got this, I can do anything!"  Why do I feel like that about so much lately?!

- Avery lost her first tooth the other night.  I'm still in shock that she is getting so old so fast.  My girlfriend had to give me tooth-pulling pointers, because Avery is too afraid to wiggle them enough to make them fall out.  I got it out! The trick is to use a baby wipe!

Seriously, though, with kindergarden right around the corner and her turning into so much more of an older child, I can't deal.  Who has kids the same age and can make me feel any better about this?

- I want to make a cheese plate or antipasto spread for dinner every night.  It's the most perfect thing to eat outside on the deck with a glass of wine.  I get everything for mine at Trader Joe's almost of the time and like to keep stocked with cheeses, olives, meats, and dips in case of a cheese plate emergency!

- I have been heading into the city a lot lately.  We live super close to NYC and I rarely go in.  There are so many things I want to do with the kids in the city that I need to try to get to this Summer! It is so great to have the suburbs but be able to have the city within arm's reach!

-At dinner the other night, I ate a random vegetable dish that I cannot remember the name of, but I NEED to recreate.  It was grilled portabello, asparagus and summer squash with roasted tomatoes.  It was served in a marinara sauce with mozzarella melted on top.  It was so tasty and seems easy to make!

- Speaking of food, I am trying to be really good about eating clean. Summer and vacations kind of threw me off, but I am back!  My favorite indulgence is chocolate, so I try to get 60% cacao.  The kids actually love it (I would have never eaten such bitter stuff as a kid!)  I came in to find Greyson like this the other day and the bag empty...

That's my brain dump!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Jul 22, 2014


It's Tuesday, which means it is time to shop!

I love cutouts and the placement on this dress is one most people can get away with.  I actually just ordered another dress from this brand that should be here this week.  They have tons of cute dresses and I feel like if I love the first one I am just going to want more!
. . .

Grab this baby from the Nordstrom sale while they have them!  It's such a classic piece! There might be on its way to me right now...
. . .
Just because I love rompers (see yesterday's post) and florals!
. . . 

I am regretting not getting this when I was in the store last week because it looks even better in person.  I'm such a sucker for studs!
. . .

I know we are in the throws of Summer, but this caught my eye.  I love the color and the shape.  Now is the time to to start scooping up the Fall goodies before they're gone!  
. . .

I have tried to do this with my own cheese board and bowl, but when I spotted this (on sale!) at West Elm I figured I needed it!  It's pretty genius for a cheese plate or a bread and dip platter.
. . . 

I still love this open moto style jacket.  It is the perfect Fall coat and easy blazer all in one.  This comes in pink also (love!)
. . .

I REALLY hope this goes on sale soon because I am in love!  Relaxed, swingy tee's are my jam!  I just don't always love the high price tag.  Fingers crossed for a sale!
. . . 

I love, love, love my charging case but it has taken a beating.  I saw someone this past weekend with this and it is so pretty in person.  I know the price tag is heavy for a phone case, but it is worth it for the extra charge on a quick-dying phone!

Happy shopping lovelies!

Jul 21, 2014

Rompin Around

Happy Monday lovelies!  Today I am sharing a look I wore this past weekend and that is going to be on repeat until cool weather comes.  I got this Zoa romper through a close friend's boutique.  It is so relaxed and chic at the same time.  You all know my love of rompers and this one fits the bill.  I wore it with sandals during the day and dressed it up with a pink lip at night.  Day to night and mommy-friendly is the easiest sell for me.  You can contact Azzurra Capri here to get yours!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

Jul 18, 2014

Outfit Details and Nordstrom Sale

Thank you all for linking up yesterday and the sweet comments on my outfits! You all make a girl's day brighter!  I wanted to share an outfit from yesterday's post in more detail since it was my favorite outfit this week by far.  When I lived in Hoboken and worked in NYC I wore all black basically every day.  After that I avoided it like the plague for years.  The last few weeks I have been craving black for some reason.  I love how slimming it is and how it works with everything, especially head to toe.  It's also great for an evening out in crazy humidity!

And a little make up PSA here - see that funky white glow under my eye? Setting powder, which I love in hot weather, gone bad.  You can't see it in real life, but with a camera magic white stuff makes an appearance.  #summerproblems

Today is al the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that everyone can shop!  I LOVE this sale and stock up for fall for myself and the kid's!  Here is what I am shopping!

Happy shopping!


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