Jul 24, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Helloooo! Sorry about the radio silence yesterday, I just needed a minute.  Even though it is Summer and we aren't traveling much, we are slammed!  But more on that next week!  I'm linking up with the lovely Annie and Natalie for Thoughts on Thursday!

- I am kind of in a blog funk for no reason at all.  I have so much to shop/write/talk about but I just feel like I am always out of time.  I seriously need a few more house in ever day because mama ain't fitting it all in.  

- The kids and I took a quick road trip this week and it reaffirmed how much of a pain road trips with two kids and a semi-crazy dog are, and also made me feel like "oh hey I got this, I can do anything!"  Why do I feel like that about so much lately?!

- Avery lost her first tooth the other night.  I'm still in shock that she is getting so old so fast.  My girlfriend had to give me tooth-pulling pointers, because Avery is too afraid to wiggle them enough to make them fall out.  I got it out! The trick is to use a baby wipe!

Seriously, though, with kindergarden right around the corner and her turning into so much more of an older child, I can't deal.  Who has kids the same age and can make me feel any better about this?

- I want to make a cheese plate or antipasto spread for dinner every night.  It's the most perfect thing to eat outside on the deck with a glass of wine.  I get everything for mine at Trader Joe's almost of the time and like to keep stocked with cheeses, olives, meats, and dips in case of a cheese plate emergency!

- I have been heading into the city a lot lately.  We live super close to NYC and I rarely go in.  There are so many things I want to do with the kids in the city that I need to try to get to this Summer! It is so great to have the suburbs but be able to have the city within arm's reach!

-At dinner the other night, I ate a random vegetable dish that I cannot remember the name of, but I NEED to recreate.  It was grilled portabello, asparagus and summer squash with roasted tomatoes.  It was served in a marinara sauce with mozzarella melted on top.  It was so tasty and seems easy to make!

- Speaking of food, I am trying to be really good about eating clean. Summer and vacations kind of threw me off, but I am back!  My favorite indulgence is chocolate, so I try to get 60% cacao.  The kids actually love it (I would have never eaten such bitter stuff as a kid!)  I came in to find Greyson like this the other day and the bag empty...

That's my brain dump!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


  1. Ooooh a cheese plate every night? Can I come over? LOVE Trader Joes :-D

  2. You take that break, lady. We will be here when you come back!

    WOW, a lost tooth, so cute! She's so precious as are all your chillin's.

    That cheese plate looks divine and so delicious!

  3. I totally forgot about the nervousness of pulling a tooth! Your meet and cheese board looks awesome! Isn't TJ's the best??

  4. OMG that cheese plate looks amazing. I need to come hang out on your patio if this is what you throw together! :)

    <3, Pamela

  5. A cheese plate every night is basically my dream dinner- yours looks amazing! You deserve a break mama- I don't know how you do it all with 2 kids and a busy husband. Can't believe how big Avery is getting?! I also can't imagine pulling teeth in the future- I hated pulling teeth when I was kid, freaked me out.

  6. So much to comment on! Is it stalkerish that I came on your site like 3 times yesterday to see if you had posted? Probably. But I understand the need to take a minute. I'm in a blogger funk too, but mostly trying to find content to write about. It hasn't been flowing as nicely lately.
    I can't even imagine Elyse losing teeth, and I'm sure I'll be a chicken to wiggle them out, I'll have to remember your trick.
    When you recreate that grilled veggie plate, PLEASE post the recipe. It looks so good! Also, how fun is it that you live so close to the city!! So jealous!
    And finally, your cheese plate looks delicious, they're the best with some wine sitting outside! I'll be over later ;) xo

  7. i've always wanted to try a veggie dish, but the meat screams EAT ME. however, that one looks heavenly!

  8. Love me some dark chocolate too! your kids are too cute!

  9. I missed you yesterday! I popped by but you hadn't posted. I've done that a few times this Summer as well. Some days I just don't feel inspired and I'm not going to post just anything. I want my blog to be fun and not feel like a job so if I don't WANT to post, I don't and guess what? The World keeps turning. :) On another note, I am so glad my daughter is done with losing teeth. Bleh. It totally creeps me out. Hahaha! Another good way to get them out is to grab them with a napkin and pull upwards...or so my hubby tells me because I would never. Yuck. I also live really close to NYC and I do things out here with Taylor often. What is on your Summer kid agenda? I am always looking for inspiration!

  10. I remember helping to pull out my son's first tooth. It took so long to come out that the permanent one started growing in behind it! And that thing was like a dagger in his was crazy! My 2nd oldest starts Kindergarten next hard to believe! Found you via Thoughts for Thursday!

    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

    1. That is what has been happening to Avery's teeth! I am basically saving every penny for braces already UGH!

  11. Stopping by from the link up. SO much to comment on! First off, baby wipes- GENIUS! Secondly, I feel your pain with the eating clean-- I need to seriously begin again!! EEEKK and chocolate is my weakness too!


  12. How amazing that you're so close to NYC! If you were closer to SC I'd be all over that cheese plate ha - it looks perfect! Yay for tooth fairy visits ;)

  13. How cool is it that NYC is practically in your backyard. When you do go into the city do you drive? Driving in NYC nearly gave me a panic attack. I have a one year old so I can't empathize with you on the going off to the BIG K WORD but I do sympathize with you!

  14. I need to hit up Trader Joe's for some of those meat and cheeses! I am with you on needing some more time in the day!

  15. Pretty sure I could eat a cheese/antipasto plate for dinner every single night! Blogging has definitely been hard for me this summer -- I'm not even *super* busy but it's still been hard to stay on track for some reason!

  16. I can't believe how grown up your kids are looking...You look way to young to have one going into kindergarten!!!


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