Jul 9, 2014

White and Blue (with a touch of red!)

This is my new favorite outfit that I wore over this past weekend.  The best part?  The sweet red glow of my skin.  Thanks SPF 100 for nothing!  I have no shame, so just pretend there's a filter.  I got this top on an awesome sale after seeing it on Natalie.  It is so soft and delicious on.  The best part is the split back - it was a little too windy for that in these snaps, no one wants to be seeing my bra.  Paired with my favorite Sharkbite shorts in white, it is so easy chic.  I want to throw this on everyday and go.  That easy.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. That pretty pink will turn to a tan in no time ;-)

  2. Love this outfit! Hope your burn feels better soon. It sucks being sun burnt!

    <3, Pamela

  3. I need this whole outfit when I'm not pregnant next summer- I love those shark bite shorts!!

  4. Very cute!! Hope your burn feels better... Hot mama ;)

  5. I need those shorts in my life!! I'd be bringing SEXY back for sure haha!! :)

  6. Love that top! I'm actually jealous of your sunburn -- I don't think I've ever been this pale in July!!

  7. Love this cute/casual look and that top!! I wanted it but they didn't have my size. The red tint to your skin is perfectly appropriate for a week at the beach!!

  8. Love the dock background - such a professional shoot!


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