Aug 26, 2014

Hair There and Everywhere

So, last night, while oogling over Emmy gowns I started to look at the wavy blonde tresses gracing the red carpet.  I am on the hunt for the perfect tutorial to get just the right amount of wave going on...

Ladies with the hair skills, help a girl out!!

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  1. Amy's hair is perfect! I wish I could get my hair to look like that but I am so not good at doing my own hair!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I feel like you totally already rock this look! Do you have the wand - I feel like it would be easy to get those messy waves with the wand!

  3. Wish I could help, I'm hair challenged. And I agree with Biana, you already rock the pretty waves :) your hair always looks great!

  4. I so wish I could help... I'm a total dunce at doing my own hair and am a little too excited that a new blow dry bar just opened up near by :-P

    You always look fabulous though, you could totally rock this look!

  5. YES to the wand! I have a Sultra wand (from Sephora) and it makes exactly those waves on shorter hair! This reminds me that I need to break it out again!

  6. I wish I had hair skills. My go to style is a ponytail because I can hardly do anything else with my hair.


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