Aug 27, 2014

This and That

Just popping in with some quick little bits...

So we have two (?!) ponds at our new house.  I'm not a fan of these things, but my father in law got one cleaned up and working and it turns out we have a fish and frog living in it.  The kids are in heaven!  I'm a little confused as to how one takes care of these things?  Not in a townhouse anymore...

My favorite NJ pizza joint now has bacon chicken ranch pizza.  If you need me on a Friday night you will know where to find me... Until I start making this at home!

Avery has been rocking some serious outfits lately as we unpack her room.  She also has been telling everyone that when she grows up she wants to be a diva.  Trouble, just trouble.

We have been working on our downstairs bathroom, and it is coming along nicely.  We are just waiting on the painters to come and do all of the trim, and I have a closet to paint, but the little changes are already making me so happy!

You guys.  One pant leg up, all of the time.  All of this moving (I'm assuming) somehow led to my incision reopening and an infection.  So gross and TMI, but it explains my weird fashion right now.

I think everyone who has heard of Instagram and Facebook celebrated National Dog Day yesterday.  Woof.  Maggie was NOT feeling it.  Girlfriend is a hot mess since we moved...

I made my first real meal in our house!  My priority was to get the kitchen moved and unpacked first and yesterday it happened, minus the tons of tupperware I have to put away.  It is starting to feel like home now!!

Have a happy day!!

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  1. When I saw that photo of Avery on instagram I died - I mean why can't they have that in our size?! Sounds like the move is coming along and you guys are settling in nicely!! xo

  2. Haha to the two ponds! I would have no idea where to start with those!! And bacon ranch pizza? That just sounds dangerous. Hope your infection clears up right away!

  3. That pizza look delicious. I would be there every night if I could! That sucks your incision reopened and you got an infection! :( I hope it heals back up for you soon!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Yay! I cant wait to get a full house tour! Avery is adorable! I love her fur vest! Ask her if I can borrow it!

  5. Lovely pics. I would love to have a pond actually. lol

    Hope your infection heals soon.


  6. I hope your leg feels better soon, that's horrible! The pizza sounds... Amazing! Avery is so cute and I love how girly she is - total diva!
    I love hearing all about the house. The ponds sound fun, we have a friend who has a few with koi fish in them. He loves them! Glad you're all settling in, can't wait to hear/see more of the new house! Xo

  7. chicken ranch pizza. just when i thought things couldn't get cooler....

    xo, Amanda @ as the wine cork turns

  8. My parents have a pond and it's my dads baby- he's retired and spends way too much time on that thing haha!! Good luck! Ummm that pizza sounds amazing- anything involving pizza, ranch and bacon is basically heaven. Boo about the incision and poor Maggie! Our pup does not do change well at all

  9. That pizza and your meal looks delicious, yummy!


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