Aug 20, 2014

What's in the Bag: A Little Glitter

After a little hiatus, I decided it is definitely time to bring back one of my favorite posts: What's in the Bag!  This week I am featuring one of my local blogging babes Pamela from A Little Glitter!  Make sure you check out her blog!  She's just a few miles away from me in the city and loves monograms and cupcakes just as much as me!

This bag is one of my favorites.  It is the Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch in Damier Ebene.  My husband got it for me for my birthday and I am really looking forward to rocking it this Autumn.  The colors are so perfect for Fall and it will look awesome with a cute pair of brown boots.  I was not always able to wear a crossbody (especially one this small).  When my daughter was younger I had the baby bag and then the tote and now (somehow) she is nine and I am able to carry just my own items in a small purse.  I feel very free when I sling this little thing over my shoulder. 

Because of its size I have to pare down what I keep in it.  Therefore, I go with my standard method of no wallet (just my license, debit card and metro card). 

I also include:

-        My favorite Marc Jacobs sunnies.  They aren’t in the best shape but I still love them!
-        Benetint to combat my blue vampire-esque lips.
-        Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Night Fantasy.
-        Eclipse Mints in Winterfrost.  (They are the best because they aren’t chalky at all.)
-        A Coach perfume rollerball.
-        Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.  I am obsessed with this. 
-        They’re Real from Benefit (in the sample size). 
-        My beautiful phone case from Simply Monogram (Can you link their shop Lindsay?

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of purse porn!  I would love to see yours!

Thanks for sharing Pamela!  Email me if you're interested in sharing what's in your bag!!
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  1. This is one of my favorite Louis Vuitton bags and prints!! I can't believe how much can fit into there!!

  2. That clutch is fabulous, what an awesome b-day present!!

    Lip Sugar and They're Real! are 2 of my every day staples as well such amazing products worth every penny :)

  3. I love the idea of a small purse (AND WOULD GLADLY TAKE THAT ONE OFF HER HANDS BTW :)) and only a few must-haves! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! It is surprisingly roomy! It is big enough for a day's worth of essentials. I should have photographed it but my favorite part is the gorgeous red interior. So beautiful!

  5. I love this post! Thanks for hosting Lindsay! xo

  6. First off, ADORABLE bag! Love it! And for a clutch you get a lot in there! I hate that my wallet never fits in my clutches and then I have to have my credit cards just out there. It always makes me nervous!

    <3, Pamela

  7. That clutch is beautiful! I need it now!
    And I'm all about lipglosses!

  8. Dying for some LV. Love this bag and all you have in it!

  9. Looove the LV clutch. I need to convince my husband this is the perfect bag for fall :)

  10. What a gorgeous clutch!! And obsessed with everything in the bag! Love Pam, jealous you girls live so close!

  11. I have been carrying a small crossbody and found it helps me keep things organized! I always stuff large handbags with stuff and trash and never clean them out! I have heard great things about the Sugar Lips treatment, may have to try it out!

  12. Dying over that bag - so gorgeous and classic!

  13. Love the LV.... you don't want to share mine BC you probably don't have enough free time ;)
    I am using my LV "never too full" and let me tell ya, IT'S TOO FULL! ha

  14. That Sugar lip stuff is so good! It makes my lips so soft!

  15. Thanks for sharing that etsy shop! I love changing up my phone cases & monograms.

  16. Love your Louis!! The Damier print is my absolute favorite!!

  17. I really love the bag and phone case! SO cute!

  18. That LV clutch is perf. I want one so bad...trying to convince my husband it's a good investment! lol

  19. That bag is so cute! I want it!

  20. Love these posts!! That purse us in my one day when I'm not lugging a ton of crap list!


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