Sep 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies! I'm linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites (it has been a minute!)  Let's dive right in...

I have been buying this from HomeGoods on the reg for the last couple of years and I love it.  It's a great, light, sweetener and it has a lower sugar content than most agave's.  I love it on oatmeal, bananas, in coffee and for baking.  I highly recommend snatching this up if you see it!

This was my favorite outfit all week.  I think I could live in shorts and sweaters.  They are my favorite two things to wear together ever.  I also felt the urge to bust out a super old school nylon Prada bag.  Sometimes I really miss the early 2000's.
Sweater (I'm OBSESSED)
Shorts (also obsessed)

My favorite looks this week... I wore a LOT of workout clothes/glorified sweats this week.

This article  on foods you should be eating for a flat stomach.  I'll be eating these all day every day now!

pillow to prevent wrinkles?  Apparently, we all need to be sleeping on our backs to prevent aging.  Good thing I am a tummy sleeper (fail!)

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!
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  1. Among a dozen other things...sweater & shorts weather is something I miss dearly about Minnesota.

  2. Ooooh loving the idea of a pillow to prevent wrinkles! Still not reality to me that I'm getting them *sigh*.

    Loving your OOTD's and that necklace is too pretty! Happy Friday :)

  3. I'm a side sleeper so I'm probably bringing on all of the wrinkles! I guess I really need that pillow! Happy Friday :)

  4. Looooooove all of your outfits, so fabulous. Quick question, how do you make the slideshow?

    I'm a side sleeper, oops!

  5. I'm an all around sleeper, back side + tummy - what does that mean for me?! lol. your outfit is so cute, wish i was still able to wear shorts, its been so cold here! have a great weekend :)

  6. Loved that cute outfit post from you this week!! I need a pillow to prevent wrinkles!! Sign me up :)

  7. I could live in sweaters and shorts too! Love! And I need to hunt down that agave, I use agave all the time! OMGGG I totally saw that pillow yesterday and was laughing/interested in it! I'm a stomach/side sleeper so apparently I'm prone to more wrinkles. Boo. Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  8. is that the necklace from j crew? gah i wear that thing weekly!! love the looks!

  9. I'm pinning the article about what to eat - I can definitely use a little more meal planning for a flatter tummy in my life!! Loved your look instagram last night busting out that prada!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Hah totally not sleeping on my back - that is just not going to happen here either. So many cute looks this week! Have a great weekend!

  11. I sleep in mi side... Hello wrinkles!!! Your looks this week are awesome and you're rocking that sweater and shorts look!

  12. I'm a side sleeper, so I guess I'm gonna be wrinkly! I couldn't sleep on my back. That just sounds so uncomfortable!

  13. I've been sleeping on my back due to a neck issue and it took forever for me to get used to. It was extremely uncomfortable and I didn't sleep for days. It is still semi- uncomfortable but at least my wrinkles will be better.

    You look really cute & I like your mirror

    1. Thank you Tricia! I'm sorry to hear that but you're already way ahead of me!

  14. Sign me up for that pillow! I will do whatever it takes to prevent wrinkles.

    The Grass Skirt
    The Mini Skirt

  15. I'm dying over the top ute!!!!!!


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