Sep 8, 2014

Pattern Play

Happy Monday lovelies! This 30 Day Closet Remix has me digging into clothes I haven't worn in a long time, or (oops) not at all yet.  This dress is out of stock but the shirt in the same pattern and same dress in different patterns are linked below.  I hope they keep using this pattern, because I love it! It's such a strong pattern it works as its own accessory. I paired it with my new favorite earrings - a Labor Day steal from Last Call! Yes, I bought them in August!

Hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. Love the pattern on this! SO fun! And I love the little detail on the sides! Super cute. You're killing the closet remix!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Those earrings are fabulous!! that dress looks awesome on you - i think it's so great what you're doing with this closet remix!

  3. Such a pretty dress on you!! Loving those earrings too!! Xo

  4. Love that dress and of course the Jack Rogers! I'm so proud of your closet remix!! I've done a terrible job of documenting mine so far this month!

  5. Hey girl! I've been a follower for a while and I think you are fab! My user name is Brandi Borchardt. I started working for a direct sales company in Feb. called Younique. You may have heard of it?! Anyhow, I love your energy and positivity and I was wondering if I could send you a free set of 3d fiber mascara to try out to see if you like it? . It's an incredible mascara that is all natural, made from green tea leaves, and has tons of beneficial ingredients in it! It contains a gel that applies like mascara, then you apply the green tea fibers to extend you lashes, then the gel again to seal in the fibers. It lasts all day and washes off with your regular face soap! I have run 1/2 marathons in this mascara and it doesn't budge. Just love it! Let me know if you would be interested in trying I would love to mail you a set. You are welcome to text me or fb message me if you would rather. :)


    Brandi Borchardt

    Elite Orange level presenter with Younique

  6. That dress is gorg! Hope you had a great weekend, love!

  7. Adorable dress! The earrings work perfectly with it, too. Good job, lady :)

  8. Loving that dress.. the flowy-ness (that's a word right?) and the pattern! So perfect! Happy Monday :)

  9. Love this dress and I think I need to do the closet remix.... in October.. because I need to buy some stuff for the engagement pictures in a couple weeks! :)

  10. Loving that dress but I love those earrings even more! So glad I'm helping you break into some never worn clothes :) I hope they're still available come October!!

  11. Stunning as always!


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