Oct 23, 2014

Black and Leopard

Happy Thursday babes!  Who is excited it is almost the weekend? ME! (say that like Elle Woods when she finds out she got the internship.)  Today is a Thoughts for Thursday day and it is all about my recent love of black.  I worked in retail and fashion before I had babies and the dress code revolves around black, black and black.  For years, I avoided the color like the plague, letting navy blue be the closest I got to it.  This year, I am finally opening my heart to black again (sounds pretty soul less?)  I lurve this Loft sweater, which there is almost always a promo code for (never pay full price!) and my usual suspects these days of my Kendra Scott earringsGigi clutch and strappy sandals.  I need more reasons and tops to wear with these leopard J Brand skinny jeans because, duh, leopard.  All suggestions welcome!

Please excuse my horrendous roots, I have some quality time scheduled at the salon on Saturday.  I am thinking of going darker, thoughts?

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. A colored top would also look really good with those! So fun!

  2. Coming over from Thoughts on Thursday...of course the words Pink & Fabulous always get my attention, add leopard to that and you know I clicked your link! ;-) You look the subtle black leopard print!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  3. Haha I totally could hear Elle Woods yelling out ME! Such a cute outfit, looking fabulous as usual ;-)

    I think going darker for fall/winter is a great idea. Maybe have your stylist add some lowlights so it's a gradual transition. I was super blonde about a year ago, and have been gradually transitioning darker with each visit which is also healthier for your hair. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  4. I am all about the black and gold combo!! I love that sweater and your black leopard jeans! Perfect pair!

  5. You are rocking the black! And those earrings, love love love! Kendra does it again!

  6. I love the little hint of leopard!! Those are seriously my favorite heels and those earrings - just the pop you need with this outfit!!

  7. Love those jeans - the subtle leapord is awesome! Also you look so pretty in these pics - hot mama!!
    I say go darker, I'm sure it would look great on you!

  8. I am ALLL about black, and my blog posts can prove it!! (hehe). Love how you styled this look. So classic chic!

    xo, Shauna

  9. Love those pants and I think you can wear them with anything!! The leopard appears to be pretty subtle in the pictures. I love the all black look. Tres chic, love :)

  10. I am all about it! All black errrythang! NYC ninja mode!

  11. Now I need to go watch Legally Blonde and pretend I'm in college again! I love the color black, when I worked a corporate job it's pretty much all I wore. I love those jeans I think since the print is subtle you could wear them with any color.
    I'm finally getting my hair done next week and considering going darker and cutting mine your length. I kind of love your blond you have right now!

  12. Love the black on somewhat black :-) And those strappy sandals are so cute!!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  13. Love it! Whenever I don't know what to wear, I always go for all black. I feel my best in it! And leopard, well, duh! (also totally got the Elle Woods reference and had to go back and read it like that. love it!!!)

  14. Don't go darker! ::says the blonde who can't get it light enough::

  15. Loving those skinnies! And not surprisingly, I'm obsessed with your Gigi clutch!! Happy weekending, pretty lady! xo


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