Oct 3, 2014

Fall Beauty Favorites

Happy Fall everyone!  Fall is my favorite season of the year for so many reasons and I am so excited to transition away from Summer beauty to Fall beauty.  I love dark polishes, different makeup and changing up my skincare routine.  This Friday Favorites is all about what I am loving for THIS Fall (because I am a little crazy and change it annually.) 

Younique Mascara
The lovely Brandi was generous enough to send me a set to try, and I am HOOKED!  I love false lashes but don't have the patience to put them on.  This gave me the same look with about 99 percent less effort. I am definitely getting more and gifting some to some lovely ladies in my life this holiday!
Who doesn't love a sweet eye close up?  Left is just with a coat of my regular mascara.  Center and right are with one coat of Younique.  I mean... get some you won't regret it  You can get yours here!

Essie Take It Outside
I may be premature in calling it since I have never had my nails actually painted this shade yet, but this is my new favorite Fall polish.  My friend had her nails done in this and I literally couldn't get enough.  It looks divine on and is flattering on every skin tone.  When I finally get my nails done again, this baby will be hitting my digits!

I bought this on a whim and am so glad that I did.  I have really dry skin that rears its ugly head starting right about now.  I have tried basically every moisturizer on the market and loathe paying in the triple digits for one.  This is much more wallet-friendly and really is magic.  My skin soaks it right up and I wake up with a nice little glow instead of dry patches.  All my dry skin girls put yo hands up!

I know, here I go again with the dry skin.  I got this for the kids and started using it myself and I am addicted.  It is SO moisturizing and gentle on skin.  I love the smell because I love that baby smell, but it also comes in other scents in case you don't.  You also get a huge bottle of it for under $10!

I am all about cleaning my makeup brushes on the reg, but sometimes I just don't have a ton of time on my hands, but I really like things clean.  You just spritz this on and you're good to go.  Apparently its what the pro's use, and I definitely think it does a great job.  It doesn't totally break the bank at $22, and it helps keep my skin clear and fresh (dirty brushes = very bad for your skin!)

What are you all loving this Fall?

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. All great products!!! And I'm sold on that mascara - need to try it!! Your lashes look great! I use Egyptian magic for my ezcema and love it, another great lotion is the Maleluka lotion, I use them both regular and they work wonders!

  2. I swear by Egyptian Magic! I used it all last winter and it saved my skin. I'm sure I'll be breaking it out again this year! Happy Friday!

  3. oo I'll have to try that brush cleaner!

  4. I just posted about some of my favorite Essie fall colors, but I'm pretty sure you just convinced me to try Take It Outside. I love the color!! I'm also going to have to try that wash because I get killer dry skin. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Girl - your lashes are amazing!! I'm really bad about cleaning my brushes - so that cleaner would make it easier right!? Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Your lashes, beautiful!!! And so good to know about the body wash, I will have to try! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  7. Ohhh that Essie polish is so pretty! And your lashes... wow!! Happy Friday girl!

  8. Love that nail color! I have heard wonderful things about that mascara and would love to try it. Looks great!

  9. I want that baby wash for the smell alone - it's like crack! Great eyelashes, lady. Happy weekend :)

  10. Loving that Essie....such a great color! You definitely should post when you use it so I can see how great it looks!

    And I've seen a lot about those mascaras and think it's about time I try it for myself...who doesn't love thick, long lashes!?!

  11. Gal, I love how often we are on the same page!! My nails are painted that color right now and I'm obsessed!! They need a touch up but I can see myself wearing this color non-stop for the next few months!!

  12. I have dry skin too. I already have a moisturizer that I am obsessed with called Raisin Face, but I am going to try the body wash! I never thought to use that. :)
    The Grass Skirt
    The Mini Skirt

  13. All great choices! I get the worst dry skin this time of year too. I love the Essie Take it outside but it was sold out the last two places I went to

  14. Thanks for trying the mascara!!! It truly has done wonders for me and my confidence!!!! I'm almost 40 and my lashes seem shorter than they were when I was younger. Yeah for 3D!!!!


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