Oct 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Halloween!  We have a busy day ahead and are celebrating my husband's holiday birthday, while simultaneously fueling our childrens' sugar highs.  It's time to link up with Amanda for this week's Friday Favorites!

Fresh flowers are my jam these days, and apparently Greyson's too.  Every week when we are at the grocery store, I let him pick our blooms for the week.  He nailed it with these yellow mums this week!

I have been working on making the perfect at home faux pumpkin spice latte.  Right now, I am going for a mix of that and a bulletproof coffee.  I put a cup of hot coffee, one tablespoon pumpkin puree, a heavy pinch of pumpkin pie spice, one teaspoon butter, and some stevia in the Vitamix and give it a good whirl until there's a lot of froth.  It's saving me dollars at Starbucks, and making my Fall-loving heart happy.

My last StitchFix was better than they have been.  The last few months have been straight up stale, as in send it all back and stew it about it for no reason.  I love this top I got, though.  I can't find it anywhere online and the lighting in our bedroom is pretty horrific, so use your imagination and trust me I will post more pics.  P.S.  like the ladders and treadmills and random crap everywhere still?  Yeah, me neither.  

I decided it was time for a hair change and went darker.  I plan on adding highlights back in but my stylist thought I should give me hair a few weeks to breath (where's my instant gratification?!)  I'm torn on how I feel about it and completely incapable of getting a good picture of it where I either look good (aka not sleep-deprived and sorta wrinkly) or where the lighting is acceptable.  Fail upon fail!

I got this cereal on a whim the other day and can't stop eating it.  I'm not a cereal eater, but this stuff is cracktastic!

YOU GUYS.  Favorite of the favorites.  TARGET HAS LEOPARD WORKOUT PANTS!  Scream that from the rooftops!  My Target had one pair left and they happened to be in my size.  Then the angels sang.  For all of my fellow Barre lovers, they are long enough (I'm 5'7) that they wrap around the bottom half of my foot comfortably.  Get yours here!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!
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  1. I was just planning on placing a Target order today so I think those leggings need to be added to my cart ;) Love the new hair and have you tried Apple Cinnamon Chex?! Amazing. Happy weekend!

  2. Look how happy Greyson is with his flower picking skills - you're teaching him well Mama!!! I love the new hair and cant wait to see how it looks with the highlights you put in!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Im loving your darker locks! It looks fabulous. I meant to comment on your post yesterday about them :) Happy Halloween!

  4. Damn, no leopard leggings for me till 12/1 but they are So cute! Greyson's adorable and I love he picks the flowers. You're training him to be the perfect bf/hub one day ;) Have a great Halloween with the kiddos!

  5. I need those pants!! And I like the hair, Fall is a great time to go a little darker :) Happy Halloween!

  6. let us know when you get the pumpkin spice latte down!

  7. I love that picture of Greyson - his little nose is the cutest scrunched up! And good training mama, he'll know to get girls flowers ;)
    Your coffee sounds delish and loving those leapord leggings.

    Have a great weekend soul sista!!! Xoxo

  8. I love that your little one picks the flowers each week! Mine always picks ours out too. It's so darn cute!
    The Doctor Diva

  9. Cruz loves picking out flowers too - I think it's so cute letting those boys do it and seeing that they actually like it. Now they just need to keep that up when they meet their future ladies =)

    And loving that dark hair on you and those leggings!!

  10. LOVE the hair! And those leopard pants! #needimmediately

  11. Good job on finding a way to DIY the PSL! I take the easy way out and just buy pumpkin spice creamer but it is not the same!

  12. I love your approach to the homemade PSL. I'm experimenting with adding 1 Tbl spoon of Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joe's to my espresso. I sprinkle it with pumpkin pie spice. It's pretty good!

    Partial to Pink


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