Oct 30, 2014

Pink and Green

I'm a wanna be boho chic, romantic, girly, edgy, modern, type dresser.  But deep down, my roots are preppy.  They're so preppy and they will always veer to the true prep colors, including pink and green.  There are days when I want to throw on everything Lilly, and all things hot pink and kelly green.  Then, there are days like this, where I just want to make it a little more subtle and wear a favorite boyfriend sweater and an old (wish it were still available!) Kate Spade bag in a whisper of mint.  The daily pink and green.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Yes...I am trying to change my style and work on being all the styles above that you listed..but the Lilly just keeps making its way into my closet! I did try Stitch Fix and told them my style was preppy and was trying to incorporate all sorts of styles into my wardrobe and they sent me some great pieces that I loved that I wouldn't normally pick out for myself!

  2. I'm not a big pink and green fan this is a cute outfit! Love those jeans! Did you dye your hair darker? It looks good!

  3. I love those jeans with the pink sweater! PS - did you dye your hair darker? I love it!

  4. Is your hair darker?! Or am I totally imagining things!? I am obsessed with that bag - it's perfect!!

  5. I wish that bag was still available, too! Love it and love the color! Also - your hair looks amaze!

  6. Kate Spade makes the best bag. I mentioned them on my blog today too :). Love your style!

  7. Deep down, I want to be a preppy dresser! But alas, I am not :) Loving this whole look!

    xo, Shauna

  8. I love the preppy-ness! It is perfect, cute pink sweater.

    XO Chelsea

  9. your hair looks great! and cute outfit. I want those shoes.

  10. That sweater is so fantastic and the color is lovely! I love that bag as well, especially paired with the shoes and jeans. I also adore your hair!


  11. This is too cute! Love all the bright colors and that bag is gorgeous!

    <3 Shannon

  12. Love that sweater! It looks so comfy! And your flats are gorgeous!

    <3, Pamela


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