Nov 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies! Thank goodness the weekend is here! I was dragging all week with another cold and we have a fun weekend coming up that we have been looking forward to!  

Favorite Colors

I am all about grey and gold together lately.  I spent way too many hours cutting out and sticking gold vinyl stars on Avery's wall behind her bed this past week, but I LOVE how it looks together.  The majority of our house is grey and I just want to add gold accents everywhere.  Avery got into it too and asked for a manicure to match her room.  Essie Chinchilly topped with some ELF gold glitter!

Favorite Look
I love neutrals way too much.  Most days, this is how you will find me with four different shades of nude/beige/tan on.  As much as I love all black these days, this is just my go-to.  Makes me happy and feel put together.

Favorite Picture
This.  Because.  This.  Greyson's first school picture came back and I can't stop looking at it.  How did my baby get so big?!  And how did he learn to blue steel?!

Favorite Drink
Mimosas.  Starts with mmm... means delicious.  It's been a minute since I have had a mimosa (too many kids for brunching these days) but they are best enjoyed with good friends in a cozy table over hours of catching up.

Favorite Links
This article about plush toys that upload information to Facebook for BABIES.  For reals.  

This article about the things we say we will do before we have kids... and the reality after we do.  It's a good read for any parent, parent-to-be or non-parent, trust me. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Love the gold stars! And that picture is too cute :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I love the stars! The majority of my home is painted shades of grey as well and I love accenting it with gold! I have gold polka dots in the office/computer room and Emily's nursery. Black and neutrals are the best! Happy Friday! XO

  3. I dont think I realized how much I love gold and grey together until you mentioned it!! really love the cross body your wearing and your little man is such a handsome guy!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Grey and gold together is so fun, I also love silver and pink :)!

    Mimosas are the best drink in the morning, cheers!

  5. Love the gold stars! And the school photo! And mimosas! Cheers!

  6. Grey and gold is a gorgeous combo! You son is so big and handsome! Love the shirt choice! Great job, Mom!

  7. Greyson looks so cute! I never was big on Mimosas - if I was going to drink in the morning I wanted to head straight to the vodka. Vodka drinking in the morning is only acceptable on vaca! LOL. However, since I don't drink like I used to I morning Mimosa is a much better alternative.

  8. His first school pictures is sooo cute!

  9. LOVE gray and gold! Actually I just love gray and/or gold with anything! Greyson's picture is so cute!! Happy Friday!!

  10. I love the gold stars..may have to do that when Katelyn gets a big girl room (but that will be a while)!

  11. Greyson's picture is too cute!! He looks do grown up!! Love the gold stars- my sister has gold and gray all over her house and I love it.

  12. I love those gold stars! So cute :) Not sure I could pull them off in my son's room though. I have to tell you that I recently found your blog (through Kids and Cab, I think) and I absolutely love it. You do such a great job bringing it all together. Have a great weekend!

  13. I love grey and gold together too! Perfect color combo! Especially with an accent nail.

  14. love that color combo! wish i had a little girl so i could paint her nails! i want gold stars in my room, hehe!


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