Jan 23, 2015

Fa, la, la, la FRIDAY!

Happy Friday babes!  I have seen some of my bloggy buddies doing surveys, and realized it has been years (YEARS) since I have done one.  If you could take a minute and take this survey to help me make this blog even better, I would SO appreciate it!

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. Everyone of those ecards... dying!! TGIF girl, hope you get some down time and wine time this weekend!

  2. Lol at those Ecards!! Did the survey ;) hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  3. The good news is that eventually the kids get bigger and Fridays/weekends can mean something again! Tomorrow I am going to sleep until my body decides to wake up! Taylor is old enough to feed herself breakfast and she doesnt bother me on Saturday mornings. She hangs in the living room and watches kid shows/Facetimes with her friends. It is amazing. Soon that will be you, too!

  4. Haha excellent ecard roundup. Happy Friday fo sho!

  5. ecards are really the best things ever. Totally nailed it!

  6. LOL love the e-cards and survey done :)

    How do I prepare one of those doo-hickies for my blog?

    Happy Friday <3

  7. New follower here! I love your blog. The first ecard defines me...seriously, yoga pants should be acceptable to wear into the!

  8. These e-cards are amazing! Such a great way to have a break and have a good laugh! Always makes my day :)

    By the way, I am giving away $25 gift card to The Mint Julep Boutique! I’d love if you can send your entries!

    Life in the Fash Lane


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