Feb 27, 2015

Style: Back In Black

Oh, look, something different, an all black outfit.  I know, I get so boring and repetitive, but to me, you can make an all black outfit fresh and different each and every time by switching out your accent color and piece, and rotating what textures you pair together.  I love a thick, oversize knit paired with sleek, (faux) leather pants.  It's unexpected, and comfortable with a chic twist.   The giant sweater is basically the best wardrobe staple for these single digit temperatures, although I highly recommend a puffy coat to top it off!

Leggings Hue
Sweater Target
Earrings BaubleBar
Shoes, Nine West no longer available, similar herehere and here

I am pretty confident that these are the best faux leather pants I have owned.  I also highly recommend a pair of leopard heels for any wardorbe because they have become my Winter shoe go-to when I want to dress things up a little or a lot.  Finally, a sweater PSA:  It's on clearance in stores! $14!!

Have a fabulous (warm!) weekend!


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Feb 26, 2015

Shopping: The Gym Bag

A great gym bag is one of the most elusive, unicorn-esque, bags I struggle to find.  I bounce around from bag to bag, and am constantly on the hunt for just the right bag to haul around my gym gear, that isn't too bulky and is super cute.  Not the most stringent requirements, but surprisingly hard to find.  I have browsed, and online shopped and come up with a list to narrow down from.  They range in price from $3.25 to $200.  Help me pick what to get, please!

bottom: BagguGapForever21

top: Forever21SamudraDeux Lux
bottom: Herschel Supply Co.Le SportsacKate Sapde

What kind of gym bag do you use and recommend? Next week I am going to share what I keep in my gym bag (it isn't a ton) and hopefully will have a new one to tote it around in!

Have a fabulous day lovies!

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Feb 25, 2015

Pink & Gray

Hello lovelies!  Let's talk about Spring -  I know it isn't here, but that doesn't mean it can't start to work its way into our wardrobes, starting with a little pale pink.  It's subtle, romantic, and pairs well with basically every other color, especially gray (so wintery!)  I found this sweater in H&M the other day and love it!  I can't find it online, unfortunately, but I linked a lot of others I am loving below!  The chunky knit factor is warm enough for this weather, but the color says sunshine, green grass, and WARMTH!  Paired with some leopard (always leopard) and sparkly gems, this is an easy, everyday look.

Sweater - H&M, couldn't find online, but just got in store
Earrings - Perry Street via Rocksbox (use code lindsaybff13 to sign up!)
Shoes - Tory Burch
Bracelets - Alors and Alors

Since I couldn't link directly to my sweater online, I found a bunch of delicious, pink sweaters that I am LOVING and put them below!  

Think pink and have a fabulous day!

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Feb 24, 2015


It's Tuesday and it's time to shop!  I am so mentally into Spring and my wardrobe REALLY wants to catch up.  I am justifying a quick trip to Disney as an excuse to move my closet a season ahead, probably a bit too early, but, hey, why not!

This bracelet is the perfectly preppy Spring accessory, while these shoes can brighten up any outfit.  Wallet-friendly sunniesswingy tops and a chic topper pull together any look.  There are many things on my wish list, where to start!

Happy shopping!


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Feb 23, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Monday babes!  Who watched the Oscars last night?  I can't believe they have already come and gone - I am one of those girls who just live for awards shows, especially the holy grail of them all.  How great was NPH's intro? Love me some Barney Stinson (and Gone Girl references!)  

I was a little bit let down by the red carpet, but there were a few standouts that I can't get off my mind!

Besides some Oscar watching, our days have been pretty low-key, trying to get over all of the Winter illnesses, and avoiding the snow and frigid temps.  It's time for a little catch up, because it has been too long since I have done a photo roll!

We are trying so hard to get this guy off of these things with no luck!

These two can't wait for Spring and to run around outdoors!

Stir craziness leads to me playing with Avery's hair, a lot!

Greek food is my favorite way to eat healthy when dining out!

Green smoothies everyday.  Really.  Every single day.  I need to start looking for new recipes!

Typical morning in our house - Maggie barking bloody murder out the window, Avery refusing to get up, and Greyson wiping snot on his sleeve.  Ahh, so glamorous!

My little fur child needs some love! She got a huge make over (aka bath and serious puppy cut) and looks like a whole new pup!  She also has emerged from her under-bed hiding spot and spends her day on the couch protecting us all from every car driving by.

Have a fabulous Monday lovelies!


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*linking up with Biana

Feb 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday babes! I am linking up with the beautiful bride to be Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Let's jump right into it, so we can get the weekend started!

Let's start with these shoes...

... may or may not be on their way to me.  I feel like I could easily become a sneaker junkie.  I just need to figure out how to work sneakers into my daily wardrobe without looking like I am trying to hard, a la college, when I could toss these babies on with jeans (bootcut, obvs), a dressy shirt, and a North Face.  I won't go with that killer combo, but you get the look I'm going for... I hope!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After Biana posted this pin last week, I decided I would try to recreate it, because pink, polka dots, and hearts, why not!  I did it on Avery, because it would all over the place if I attempted to do it on myself.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out! I just need to perfect my polka dots, any tips?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I bought this perfume as a treat for myself a long time ago (in a very small bottle!) and finally used it on a whim this week.  I have a tendency to buy really nice perfumes and let them sit.  I am trying to change that behavior and enjoy them whenever I want to!  I also got these BaubleBar earrings and LOVE them.  Best accessory purchase in a long time.  Orange is the new pink!  Maybe ;)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My favorite pins from this week, clockwise from top left:

+ can't wait to make this recipe with gluten free flour
+ i love everything about this look
+ i feel like i could work pink into my living room after seeing this one

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Please, excuse the poor iPhone picture (I blame bronchitis!) but I have been mixing my morning coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil in the blender for about thirty seconds, and it comes out perfectly foamy like a delicious latte full of healthy fat.  If you're on the coconut oil bandwagon, like me, give this a try!

What are you loving this week?  

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Feb 19, 2015

Life: Greyson's Third Birthday Party

Let me preface this by saying I am so late to the game with this!  Today I am sharing a little recap of Greyson's third birthday party (almost a month later, oops!)  

We had to get the party weekend started with a fresh haircut!  Someone wasn't too pleased with the whole thing...

I hunted down these cups that my kids LOVE from Party City and Target, with stickers, Jelly Bellys, Frozen sweet hearts and play doh.

This wasn't my first choice of cake, but it is what Greyson wanted, so we went with it!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman station. I searched Pinterest for ideas, then practiced on my own until I got it right.  The kids loved making these! I used pumpkin spice chips for noses, and black icing gel for eyes and mouths.

We are now the proud owners of a Power Wheels, ahhh.  The battery is out and this is currently "parked" in my living room. It makes for great seating.  

We had a visit from Elsa to wrap things up!  It took Greyson her entire time at our house to warm up to her, ha!

I got all invitations and all of our printables through this Etsy shop and highly recommend.  Thanks for reading through if you did, I know a three year old's party isn't the most exciting thing, but I want to make sure we remember this forever :)

Have a fabulous day!


*linking up with Annie and Nat for Thoughts on Thursday

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