Feb 4, 2015

A Day in My Life

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I got a few requests for a post about what my day is typically life, and since I love reading these posts, I thought I would do one!  I did one last year, that you can read here.  Oddly, enough, not too much has changed and we keep a very similar schedule!  This day was last Thursday, a pretty typical day for us.

6:45 am - Josh wakes me up as he leaves for work.  Greyson is asleep with me and wakes up at the same time and announces he needs food RIGHTNOW, so I get up and grab him a fruit pouch, let the dog out, unload the dishwasher and make a hot Spark.

7:15 am - Avery wakes up and comes downstairs like a tiny zombie.  She's NOT a morning person.  I make the kids breakfast (oj, vitamins, muffins for Grey, cereal for Avery) and make Avery's lunch and snack for school, as well as a snack for me and some energy balls for breakfast.  I get all of the kids' and my stuff ready to go (backpacks, my gym bag, and a work bag.)  I publish my blog, link it up, and browse through a couple of blogs and some emails.

8:00 am - Avery is dressed and has made her bed (very grumpily) and Greyson is dressed.  I make the rest of the beds, clean up around the house (I hate leaving dishes in the sink and a messy living room) and get myself dressed so that we can be out the door by 8:30.

8:30 am - We are about to head out to the bus stop for Avery's bus, but it comes early and we miss it.  I get both kids in the car, drop Avery off at school and drop Greyson off at his and head for the gym.

9:15 am - 10:15 - I am at the gym working out.  I hit the stairclimber today, catch up on some Hart of Dixie and Us Weekly. I sit in my car after and eat my breakfast.

10:15 am - 11:15 - My meeting got cancelled so I use the free hour to go to Starbucks, the gas station, the bank, UPS, and answer a call from our alarm system company.  It's amazing how much I can get done alone in a little amount of time!

11:15 am - I pick Greyson up from school, head home and make him his lunch.  He watches an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eats.  I let him play for a few a little afterwards.  I take the dog out, microwave my Starbucks that I have yet to get time to drink and scramble to get some work done.

12:15 pm - I put Greyson in his bed for some rest time with his iPad.  He threw a huge tantrum trying to get the iPad so I let him have it only for resting.  I hop in the shower and get ready for the day, makeup, hair (dry shampoo for the win!) and dressed.  

1:00 pm - I make myself lunch (green soup and gluten free toast with hummus and veggies), reheat my coffee again, and sit down at my desk to do some work, read some blogs and eat!

2:00 pm - Greyson comes downstairs nap-less and ready to hang out.  I put a movie he asked to watch on and sit on the couch with him and my laptop to do more work.

3:10 pm - G and I head to Avery's school to pick her up.  There is a book fair today so we are shopping with her for a little bit and then heading home.  

4:15 pm - We get home from Avery's school, do her homework and have a snack.  She gets changed and cleaned up while I fold a load of laundry and we head out for her gymnastics class!

5:00 - 6:00 pm - Avery does gymnastics while I try to corral Greyson.  He is basically a terror these days and has to take three times outs.  My patience is TESTED.

6:00 pm - We head to dinner with Avery's bestie.  It is our thing we do every week after gymnastics.  It is moms and kids only this time.  Greyson can't calm down so I call Josh to bring us a bottle of wine and take Greyson home.  He's a good husband and does just that (praise hands!)

7:45 pm - We get home and I feel much better after a glass of wine.  Greyson is already asleep so I get Avery ready for bed, clean up the house, run the vacuum, and get myself ready for bed.

8:30 pm - I sit on the couch with my computer and work on my blog, answer emails and get some work done, while watching tv with Josh.  We are catching up on New Girl tonight - love me some Schmidt!

11:00 pm - I get in bed, read (the new Shopaholic!) in bed for a few minutes and go to sleep.
It starts all over again the next day!

This is my day.  I would say it is pretty typical for me and the kids.  I am wiped out by the end of the day, but I love our little life and everything we have going on!  What's your typical day like?  Any good tips for me to save time/manage it even better?

Have a fabulous day!
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  1. It is so amazing how much you get done in a day...that one hour for you was crazy productive!! Loved this peek into your life! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You fit A LOT into your day - super mom!! Loved reading about your day and what it's like to have a little in school. Also Greyson sounds just like J, he needs to eat as soon as he wakes up. His exact words are "I hungry, I starving!"

  3. Wow! Sounds like a busy day! My day is usually filled with meetings so I never really feel overly accomplished. Although I am jealous you wake up at 6:45! That's how late I sleep in on the weekends LOL!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Look at all that snow!! It's so weird to see that when it's 80 degrees in Arizona... I forget that it's freezing everywhere else (even though we just moved from the snow over the weekend!)

  5. These are my favorite posts!! You guys have a busy day, I would be wiped out too! And is that the Target coffee table in the first picture?! We just got ours a couple of days ago and it is the weirdest color! Not 'white washed' at all, more like yellow and scuffed on the sides! Sadly it's going back and we ordered the West Elm version - of course haha

  6. Love these typical day posts! I just love to see what other people do all day (I'm nosy). You had an action packed day! You are such a good momma! I'm glad you had that glass of wine and got some 'me time' at the end of e day :)

  7. I always forget too how cold it is everywhere else, and really need to scale back my complaining of how "cold" I've been here during this cold snap we've been having. You guys are busy throughout the day, no wonder you're beat at the end. And your lunch looks DELISH!

  8. Busy, busy day! No wonder you're exhausted at the end of the evening!

  9. I love these kinds of posts! And our husbands wonder what we do all day ;) ! I personally never get around to reheating my coffee a second time so I usually just drink it cold out of sheer exhausted desperation!

  10. Lordy I bet you are wiped out. This is just another example of women and their incredible ability to multi-task. I can't even imagine if my husband was told this would be his schedule...sans kids hahah. Praise hands to your hub and the wine call for sure!

  11. I am cracking up with Shelby's comment. Can you imagine if a guy was to do that day? Forget it. They would declare a state of emergency and it's like the typical day for the ladies. I can't believe the half day kindergarden up there! I feel like my sister is just bringing Avery to school and she's already on her way back!


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