Feb 11, 2015

Beauty Favorites

Happy humpday!  Who is excited this week is half over? ME!  Today, let's talk about this month's beauty favorites, and trust me, they are all amazing today!

Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation - I had been coveting the Dior airbrush foundation, but not so much the price tag.  I tried this on in Sephora on my last trip there and was hooked!  It is a much better price point and I LOVE it.  It's pretty easy to use (close your eyes and spray evenly, then blend) and gives amazing coverage with an airbrushed look.  My skin is really dry and this is very moisturizing and doesn't look dry at all.  Get it, you won't regret it!

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush -  I picked this up in store when they were sold out of the brush that Amanda recommended (also an airbrush finish.)  I use it right after I spray the airbrush foundation on and blend, blend blend.  It doesn't irritate my skin (can you tell I have issues?) and it really gives a great finish.  I use with other foundation too and love the smooth, even finish it gives.  I brush in circles to give even more of an airbrushed finish.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - It takes me a lot to stray from my beloved Cle de Peau concealer, but after watching this one go in and out of stock in my color, I figured it had to be worth a try.  It is totally different from my Cle de Peau.   It's light, definitely radiant, and gives surprising good coverage.  I usually avoid lightweight concealers because they don't hide the undereye circles well enough, but this one really does it and a little goes a long way.  It's also great on blemishes!

Buxom Lipgloss in Sandy - I love, love, love this gloss.  It is a plumping gloss and gives a little tingle, the color is fantastic, and it stays put for longer than any other lipgloss I have tried.  If you buy any one lipgloss, let it be this!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I have tried a lot of eyeshadow primers, but this takes the cake.  It takes just a tiny dab for both eyes, and your shadow does not budge.  The crease color doesn't move or cake or flake.  If you wear shadow, this is the biggest game changer.  It's the gold standard.  All of the other catch phrases.  

What beauty products are you loving right now? I just placed my first Beauty Counter order and can't wait to try everything!  Leave your suggestions in the comments, because we all know shopping is better and easier with a recommendation!

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Ooooh I need the airbrush foundation! That sounds amazing!
    I agreed with you on the eyeshadow primer--it's the best! Everyone seems to agree,too (I've seen it popping up all over the blog world lately).
    Thanks for the recommendations girl!

  2. The Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation sounds so interesting, I need to pick it up! Also now want to try the lipgloss too. UD eye primer has been my favorite for years, it's the best!

  3. I'm out of my NARS concealer and I desperately need another one :) I like the way you apply the air brush foundation - need to try that! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. i posted something similar yesterday and UD primer potion was DEF on there!!

  5. Ooooh I've also wanted to try the Dior airbrush foundation for ages. I haven't pulled the trigger bc of the price. I'm going to try the one you posted!

  6. I will always shout from the rooftop my love for UD Primer Potion.. my favorite product ever!

    Love to hear your review of the Sephora airbrush foundation mist, my only concern is whether or not it'll clog my pores/make me breakout as my skin is awful enough as it is. But I'm looking for something that'll provide great coverage.

  7. I love beauty recs bc I'm usually lost in this category! I've heard great things about that Nars concealer.. I may have to try it!

  8. That UD eyeshadow primer is simply the best. I have been wanting to try the Nars creamy concealer for a while now. Definitely interested in the Sephora/Dior airbrush foundation now too! Thanks for the recommendation. ;)

  9. Well I swear by four out of five of these products so that must mean that I'll love the airbrush foundation, too! Definitely checking that out next time I'm in Sephora - I've only had airbrush done for my wedding but I was obsessed with it!

  10. I've never tried any of these products. Love the shade of that Buxom gloss!

  11. From a fellow Sephora junkie to another this is a fabulous list!

  12. I love The Balm bahama mama bronzer. It is my must have. I can't wear foundation at all, it breaks me out almost instantly lol. I'd love to try that gloss! xo

  13. You know I live by the Nars concealer, I think I single-handedly keep that item in business! :) Must try the Sephora airbrush foundation now! Can't wait, thanks for the rec!

  14. I just got another Dior lip gloss and love it so much. My favorite thing is that it's light (not sticky) yet super pigmented. It costs a pretty penny but I think it's worth it bc you don't have to reapply that often. :)


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