Mar 17, 2015

College Style

Happy St. Patrick's day lovelies!  I fondly remember all of the green beers of years past I drank today!  In fact, that brings me back today... way back.... Let's flashback to the early 2000's and pretend I am still in college.  That definitely happens (in my head) some days when I am getting dressed.  There are certain items I have held on to forever, whether they are a classic staple item or just hold sentimental value, that bring me back to a particular place in time.  This shirt is definitely one of those things.  I remember wearing this to classes, out at nights (with jean skirts and New Balance sneakers.  Oof.), constantly after I had both babies, and now when I just want to wear it.  It is something that never goes out of style, is easy to wear and wash, and always makes me happy.  

Shirt || Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Oxford
Jeans || J.Brand
Shoes || Tieks
Bag || Alexander Wang
Sunglasses || Amazon
Bracelet || David Yurman
Bracelet || Judith Ripka

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Flashback!! I had that shirt in green stripe, blue stripe, and a pink and green stripe!! I wore it with everything! It's such a classic though

  2. Very cute! How much do you love your Tieks? I've heard awesome things I just can't bite the bullet on spending that much on flats.....yet.

  3. Look at you flashing it back! You're right that shirt never goes out of style! Cute outfit and crushing on your Tieks :)

  4. Love those jeans, and your Tieks! I've broke mine out recently, loving them :)

  5. This is like preppy meets edgy!! I love it!!

  6. St. Patrick's Day always takes me back to college! And ohhh, the jean skirts. What were we thinking?!

  7. Love the ripped denim and Tieks! I really need to get a pair!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. Haha wow, great timing on this... packing is my life right now and I pulled out this EXACT same shirt over the weekend. It moved from giveaway to keep like 4 times. I just can't part with it though so thank you for reminding me why college style is still amazing ;)

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  10. Classic shirt. I love your hair by the way, just gorgeous!


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