Mar 16, 2015

Life Lately

Happy  Monday lovelies!  Here's a little peek into what's been going on in life lately....

My kids have become crazy obsessed with forts.  They have been building them for the last week, daily, and hanging out in them being little cuties in there together.... until one of them gets mad at knocks the entire thing down in spite and tears ensue.  Typical!

I busted out some oldies but goodies this weekend.  I need a new raincoat so badly, send me any recommendations!

I popped into the city for a dinner with one of my closest friends, and in spite of crazy amounts of rain, it just reminded me how important girlfriends are and how necessary time with them is for the soul.

This guy.  Love him, but three is no joke!  He got so mad at Josh not making him a paper ring exactly how he wanted it, that he tried to storm out of the house.  WTF.

We ate pancakes alllllll weekend and made enough for the kids to eat all week.  I am going to share this recipe soon! It's easy, gluten-free and tastes like restaurant-style pancakes!  It's hard to find something all four of us like, but these did it!

My mom brought me a ton of old stuff of mine from her house, and this gem from my bachelorette party was in there.  I can't believe this was almost six years ago!  I love these ladies so much!

I have been working on organizing our closet and moved a mirror in there.  It's the best way to test my outfits before I head out the door.  

Avery and I had a mommy and me date day with some shopping, eating at her favorite place (Nordstrom Cafe!) and haircuts.  I love doing things with my tiny buddy!

I'm becoming even more obsessed with my Amazon sunglasses.  They block out the sun so well (now that it's here!)

My Clare V. clutch that I have been coveting forever finally came thanks to the Shopbop sale.  I am so in love with it!

And for your reading pleasure, Barbie's Best Looks.
This article by Vogue celebrates everyone's favorite bendy gal's 56th birthday and her best fashions over the years.  I personally don't think she looks a day over 25.... what's her secret?

Have a happy and fabulous Monday!


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  1. Forts, especially on a rainy day, are the best! I remember loving them when I was a kid too. Love the dainty heart bracelet you had on in one of the pics. Hopefully it's not too rainy where you are now--Saturday was gross here too but Sunday cleared up thankfully!

  2. Is it weird that Gary and I still make forts to watch movies sometimes?! I adore your new clutch and can't wait to see how you style it! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Loving that clutch and those bracelets! And definitely obsessing over your Clare V clutch! How on earth did I miss that during the Shopbop sale?!?! Ugh! Loving that Burberry coat too, so pretty! Happy Monday love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love forts and want an adult version where I can bring a glass of pinot and iPad. haha

  5. Love this post so much! Looks like you guys have been up to lots of fun! And LOL about Greyson wanting to leave the house - too funny!

  6. There's nothing better than blanket forts and pancakes. At least one of those is socially acceptable at my age haha!

  7. In love with your outfit! (and that clutch) Your kids are cuties! xo

  8. Those bracelets are so pretty! And YES to pancakes.. yum :-D

  9. Girl you are looking SKINNY mini! That selfie! I want to pop into the city - so jealous you can do that and so glad you were able to, as well!

  10. Love it all!! Good call on the mirror in the closet - we really need a full length one in our room because I hate running downstairs while trying to get ready to make sure everything works!


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