Mar 27, 2015

Master Bedroom Situation

Happy Friday ladies!  Today I need to pick all of your amazing, creative, beautiful minds!  I'm trying to get our master bedroom completely finished, tied together, donezo but I am sort of blanking.  It's one of the last rooms we have done anything with, and finally getting a new bed sort of motivated me to get it done.  It's where we sleep (all of us, literally) so I feel like it should be totally put together.

Here is what we are working with so far:

Here are my thoughts/options:

- hang art over the headboard 
- hang pictures over each nightstand (I already have these ready)
- sconces

What do I do?!?!

I also am on the hunt for new nightstands, preferably ones that have storage, and a rug.  Maybe this nightstand, or this one or do you have one similar?  

All I know is that this rug needs to be in my house somewhere STAT!

Do I keep the yellow pillows here?  Is the bedroom the one room where a pop of color just doesn't need to happen?  

Since I am putting my shameful bedroom all out there, let's turn to the side and look at the window seat.  I LOVE the window seat, but I want to rip the fugliest shades in the world down, and I just don't know what to do there!

Do I stick with a simple white honeycomb shade?  How do I style this shelf?

I can't let you see the rest because THE SHAME IS REAL people.  Why am I so stuck?  Please leave me all of your advice/tips/suggestions in comments!  

Have a fabulous weekend! I'm off to the "country" with my girlfriends and then working on this room!


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  1. I love the yellow pillows!! and that headboard! Seriously jealous of your headboard. You definitely need some art hanging above it. Don't even worry I have one put together area of the bedroom and the other side is boxes upon boxes of baby clothes and things that need to be donated/ out of our house! I would never even show you guys haha. xo

  2. Ah, the master bedroom struggle - it's real for sure! Rooms are the hardest for me. Some artwork for sure and maybe some plantation shutters on your window seat? Also loving the pop of color and you need that rug!

  3. I think some art above the headboard would be really nice! I love the accent pillows you have!

  4. Love your bedding! So pretty! And I saw that rug and I want it too! It's so pretty! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I love getting sneak peaks into your house! you are such a great designer. For the window I agree maybe the plantation shutters, or some really cute roman shades in a white/cream to keep the bright-ness going. Where is that rug from?!?!? Beautiful. What if you put a shelf above the bed for the photos that are currently on your window seat and actually made the window seat into one - a cute flat cushion and some adorable pillows on the edges? miss you girl!

  6. The lamps are the wrong scale; they should be taller and have a larger shade. Paint the paneling. The headboard is nice but the bedding doesn't quite go with it. Think 5 star hotel. The headboard and the pillows clash. Quick fix for the bay window is to leave the shades and add heavy dramatic curtains that go from the top of the frame of the window cut out to the floor.

  7. I would also paint all the paneling white. I would get new lamps (bigger). Roger - I dont know you but you are on the same wave length with me. I would put maybe a big mirror on the wall above the bed and mirrored side tables. I freaking LOVE that rug. Buy that. For sure. For the window seat I would paint the paneling white. Then I would put nice white shades on the windows that let in some light and get all frames in various shapes and sizes but the same color (like silver). I would also put in a plant or flowers. Then I would hang floor length curtains on the side with an accent color that ties in to the bed. Blackout curtains (for when you need to sleep during the day).

  8. Loving that rug and your headboard! I would try to add a pop of color with the art work or sconces that you hang up as the headboard is neutral and the comforter and your walls are white.

    Also love that little nook with the frames! Happy Friday gurlie <3

  9. love your paneling!! and you absolutely need that rug.

  10. Love your headboard!! Here are my suggestions: Bigger lamps or sconces that make a statement, a big mirror or picture over your bed. I don't dislike the yellow pillows but I feel like you need something else with them, just not sure what but so other piece of color or texture. Love that window seat!! Could you do plantation shutters on them, or maybe some roman shades? I think both would add something a little extra! Decorating bedrooms is sooo hard. Ours is still a disaster.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I need to share my master bedroom too because it is in the same boat. Totally fine but not finished. For us, it means a lot of painting and adding some artwork. As for your questions, this is what I would do: keep the yellow pillows but bring in a pop of yellow somewhere else too (lamps or a throw blanket), add bigger lamps on the side tables or add sconces that you can rotate over the bed. I love your headboard and I have one really similar. As for the window shades, try some roman shades. I picked up some from Lowes this past fall on super clearance. They are nice and were cheap. I think regularly they go for about $30 each. I used them in our family room. If you were feeling like a DIY, you could always add a pop of color over there too! You have all the expensive stuff (bed, headboard) now it's time for the fun stuff! You are really close! And if you are up for it, paint the paneling white. It would be such a pretty beachy vibe and will make everything feel really crisp and refreshing! Isn't it funny how the master bedroom always comes last?!



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