Mar 5, 2015

Workout: What's In My Gym Bag

Ok, ladies, it's time to talk about something that has taken up a lot of my time... and frankly should take up more - the gym.  Ok, the gym bag.  We can chat about the gym another day (should we?  Let me know if that is a good topic!)  Mine is everchanging, however I think that I have perfected what works for me to always have on hand in my gym bag.

US Weekly - My reading necessity.  Yes, I am that weird person who needs to multitask while I work out (watch tv, read, chat, etc.)  Workouts are incredibly boring when I am just doing cardio, so I try to use the time to catch up on my reading.  Seriously, it is the only time I can actually read a magazine.

Feetures Socks - If you get one item of clothing for the gym, let it be these.  Your feet will thank you.  They are the best sock I have ever tried - so much cushioning and no sweat! I keep an extra pair in my bag because you never know when you will need them!

Beats by Dre Headphones - I am so over earbuds.  I actually think I have weird ears and they hurt them.  These fit over your ears, drown out external sound, have great clarity and are super comfortable.  They're an investment, but you can get them on sale at Target from time to time!

Rosebud Salve - I am a chapstick junkie, and this is great to have on hand for that, any burns, dry skin, etc.  It takes up hardly any space and does so much!

Hair Ties - These are kind of a given, but I like to keep one or two extra on hand.  I prefer mine sparkly and soft so it doesn't pull or rip, and it looks cute on my wrist.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor - I wear this to get an accurate reading on my calorie burn.  It is really eye opening on how many calories I actually burn during a workout.  

iPod Mini - This is great when I just want to listen to music or go for a run.  It's so tiny and holds 200 songs!

Sneakers - I love these sneaks!  They're cute (the most important factor, clearly) and really comfortable.  I end up wearing them all day, many days, and they are so comfortable.  They don't rub during a long workout.  Their price tag is pretty great too (under $60!)

What's in your gym bag?  Let me know anything I am missing out on!

Have a fabulous day!
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  1. Super interested in the socks...i have the worst luck with the ones I choose! But the most fun part is what do you carry all your gym stuff in?! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. You have some fun stuff in your bag! It makes working out look fun! I seriously need to do some exercise. Worst part is we have a gym here where I live. Do you have any tips for beginners? Ear buds hurt my ears too, I hate them!

  3. I have one really really good pair of gym socks and they are so comfortable, and no sweat. It wasn't this brand, but I agree--so important!

  4. Love the color of your sneakers, so pretty! And headphones that drown out external noise?! Yes please, sign me up :-D

  5. I can't tell you how much I rage when earbuds don't stay in. I think I need to look into those beats!

  6. i'm with you - i like to be distracted when i'm working out haha. like no i'm not running two miles - i'm watching tv!! haha

  7. All great items to have in your gym bag! I can't read while I'm doing cardio but I definitely have to listen to music or watch something. I have that same heart rate monitor and mine stopped working :\ Have you had any issues with yours losing contact? Love that Rosebud Salve. You just reminded me I need more!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. I am the EXACT same way! If I'm on a treadmill I need a book or magazine. And US weekly just happens to be my fave, so that's usually the one I choose. Music is also a must. And those shoes are so great, just found my new fave pair...good, cute shoes and clothes definitely make the gym more fun in my opinion!

  9. My Polar watch and my lifting gloves are staples in mine!

  10. I am going to try those socks! I cant read while doing cardio. I just cant concentrate. I always listen to music. I was thinking of downloading that podcast Serial that everyone is raving about.

  11. I can't believe Rosebud Salve now comes in tubes. We are like 4th generation users and I still remember my mom having to fill out the little mail order slip and I always wanted a strawberry tin when she ordered the other ones hah. Great selection of distractions/entertainment to help you knock out the gym :)

  12. I have these same sneakers! I'm a firm believer that cute workout attires makes for a better workout!

  13. I am still giggling about your choice of magazine cover for this particular photo shoot: Bruce Jenner!

  14. I definitely need something to do while I'm doing cardio, too - I usually plug in my headphones and watch HGTV, times flies that way!! Heading over to check out those shoes, I'm in need of a new pair!

  15. I love your shoes! Mine would be pretty basic... extra undies and some towel plus dry shampoo (for styling my hair after gym).

    Life in the Fash Lane


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