Apr 3, 2015

Beach Vacation Essentials for Kids

Let's talk about something super duper important and deep today:  essential items for a beach vacation for the kids.  I am officially in vacation mode with our annual Florida trip coming up.  I think after a couple of trips each year with one, and then two kids, I have gotten better at figuring out what we need and what my kids actually like.  Granted, what works for us doesn't work for everyone, but this is what I will definitely be packing this year!

Babyganic Sunscreen - It's a lotion and a spray all in one!  The best hands down.  My friend recommended this to me and we swore by it in Disney!

Donut Raft - I buy the kids rafts at Target because they mark them up so high at the resort and toss them out before we head home.  This was a big hit last year with my little donut lovers!

Lobster Claw Catcher - Fun games keep Avery and Greyson occupied for hours, especially when they can work together to play.

Old Navy Girls' Bathing Suit - This is Avery's bathing suit of choice this year, and I can't lie, I wish it came in my size!

Disney Havianas - Avery gets a new pair every year because they are sturdy AND cute!

Thermos Foogo  - The best pool sippy cups! Tough enough to be tossed around and keep the liquid inside cold.

Pottery Barn Kids Wrap - Greyson still uses a hooded towel and they're great for getting him dry post-pool.

Itzy Ritzy Wet Happens Bag - I love this bag for toting around wet clothes and swimsuits.  You can toss it right into the washing machine to get it clean and it holds two kids' worth.

Pottery Barn Kids Towel - These are Avery's favorite.  They're warm and snuggly and are great at soaking up water.

Dunk Cups - These are a favorite bath toy for my kids for the last few years, and they LOVE to play with them in the pool.  Label them because they're a fan favorite with all of the kids at the pool!

Toddler Swim Trunks -  Greyson saw these and immediately asked me to get them for him.  I love how fun it is to buy little guys character trunks!

Babiators - These are hard to break (my kids try), comfortable to wear, and adorable.  I'm a big believer in sunglasses for kids and protecting their eyes as best we can.

What am I missing?  Leave your deets!


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  1. i dont have kids here but man they require a lot of stuff! looks like you're easily prepared though :)

  2. Such fun picks! You're making me want to head to the beach. Have a great weekend lovie!! Xo

  3. LOL is it bad I really want that donut raft for myself?!?

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. This list is great! We're planning our first family beach vacation for September, so definitely bookmarking this list! I've always hated packing, but now with a little one, it's even worse - haha! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. I do the same thing! I buy rafts and bring them with us and then when we are leaving Taylor gives them to kids on the beach or near the pool. So fun!

  6. Even with a 4 month old last Summer I made sure to pack lots of sand toys! I guess I'm a kid at heart!. I wish my little one would wear sun glasses. Your list looks excellent. Have a great weekend!

  7. YES to sunscreen! And I kinda want that donut tube :)


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