Apr 1, 2015

Wino Wednesday

Happy Wino Wednesday babes!  Today, Amanda and I are linking up with Ally, who blogs over at Life As I Know It to share all of the wine we are loving this month!  Grab the button below and join us!

If I haven't made it abundantly clear yet that I am trying to get into a warm weather frame of mind, my current wine choice may really drive that home.  If I drink red then I am still in Winter.  I know, that's not right at all, but I am willing warm weather through my wine consumption!

I used to be a Pinot Grigio gal, then I had a Chardonnay stage and now I am all about a delicious Sauvignon Blanc, including this Fat Barrel Sauvignon Blanc.  This wine has flavors of grapefruit and lime, and is very crisp and refreshing.  It's a reasonable price point, and the perfect bottle to cook a delicious chicken dish with and sip from at the same time.  

I'm pretty sure after re-upping my white game, I should just go ahead and purchase this.

Summer sipping, here I come!

Cheers babes!

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  1. I have two Corkcicles and I love them! SO perfect for sittin on the patio with a bottle so you dont have to keep getting up! And definitely going to have to try that Sauvignon Blanc! I had a delicious one last night and know Im wanting to try them all!

  2. YES to the corckcicle! I won one at an event a few years ago, and it's amazing! It helps keep your wine chilled without it sitting in a bucket of melting ice.

    This wine looks amazing, I'm also a big pinot grigio girl, but have been wanting to experiment more with sauvignon blanc :)

  3. Now I want a corkcicle!!! This wine sounds really good. I need to start upping my white wine game and find a few I really like!

  4. I'm all about Sauvignon Blanc lately, too :) Cheers!

    xo, Laura

  5. I actually just saw this wine at a local store. Now that I know what it consists of I can purchase it and give it a try.

  6. I definitely need to try this wine! I have seen that corkcicle all over and have been wanting to try it, but haven't. Now that warmer weather is approaching, it may be time to get it!


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