May 26, 2015

Healthy Beauty

Good morning lovelies!  Today's post comes from a conversation I was having with my bestie a few days ago.  We were chatting about all of the toxic ingredients in our food, household products, and (GASP!) our makeup and beauty products.  We have both been proactive about de-toxifying our lives, but I know she is a few steps ahead of me in the makeup and cosmetics arena.  This made me stop and think about what I am putting on my skin every single day.  

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body.  Putting chemicals with potentially unknown longterm side effects filled with ingredients I cannot even begin to pronounce onto my largest organ (a fairly absorbent one at that) scares me.  

I started browsing through the ingredients on some of my lotions in my medicine cabinet and on the makeup I use on a daily basis - which I had to look up, because they are generally only listed on the initial packing.  Most of my thoughts were - what the hell IS this?!
In an effort to CLEAN up my act in the beauty and cosmetics part of my life I have been on the hunt for great organic and all natural products.  Here is what I have been using:
This is the mac daddy of them all.  It works as an eye makeup remover, a face moisturizer, a body moisturizer and a great deep conditioner (just don't put it on wet hair, DRY ONLY!)  I use it on myself and the kids.  It has definitely helped my severely dry skin on my face, makes my cuticles fanfreakingtastic, and gives your legs an unbeatable glow.  The best bang for your organic buck!
This certified organic luminizer has a minimal list of ingredients and gives an amazing glow on the cheekbone, eyelid or center of your lips.  The entire brand is organic and has minimal ingredients and is a brand I am buying more and more from (lip moisturizer and concealer are my newest purchases!)

I fell in love with this delicious scent on a trip to Maui and have been wearing it consistently since.  I also love the brand's body wash and body lotion, both of which are made without sulfates or parabens.  These are two things I also try to stay away from in products! Watch out for them in your lotions, hair products, shampoos and conditioners.

Tarte is one of the best makeup brands for those of us looking for paraben-free, eco-friendly, natural makeup brands.  It's tools are the same, and this is the best foundation brush I have ever used hands down.  I have been eyeing a lot of their makeup and will be switching out most of my current products to theirs.  P.S.  they're all gluten free too!

I recently discovered the Tata Harper brand at Neiman Marcus.  It is made in America, has a list of recognizable ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.  I have been using the cleanser and toner and really love it.  I see such a difference in using natural products, particularly on my face.  This brand is a little pricier, but I really feel like this is worth the money for the results.

Here is are some of my go-to products and a bunch of things currently sitting in my shopping cart (see ya old toxic makeup!)

Now, don't get me wrong, just like with food, there are some guilty pleasures that I can't fully give up.  I can make sure I do them with less frequency, but there are times when a gel manicure is the only thing that is going to cut it, or my beloved eyelash extensions.  As with everything, we must pick and choose our battles, but I believe in choosing the simplest, healthiest choices as often as I possibly can. 

Have a fabulous day!


*I am not a health expert.  These are my opinions only, and I am always open to hearing other points of view!

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  1. Totally loving this post! I've been trying to do better in the organic department too but never know where to start. I love that luminizer, I definitely need to try it out! And the kai perfume sounds amazing! Definitely looking for a lighter scent for summer.

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Totally understand about a few guilty pleasures now and then but if you try and keep it healthy overall it can only be great for your body. I use coconut oil for different things at least five or six times a day absolutely love that stuff and all the brushes I use our bamboo! Thanks for showcasing some great products and I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!

  3. This has been something I've been trying to get better at doing as well - I mean if we can't be sure about what we are putting on the outside of our face how can we even talk about what we eat...everything really needs to be up front with companies!!! I've never heard of the Kai brand - checking them out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Tata Harper and Tarte are two of my favorite brands! I've been wanting to try RMS Beauty and need to pick up some to try!

  5. Thanks for all of these recs. we're trying to be more conscious too. I bathe in Method soap and the kids in Honest products. There's so much CRAP in everything these days. It's horrible.

  6. Great round up! I've heard such great things about the Tata Harper line. May have to try out that cleanser!

  7. Ugh, I need to look more into this, too... but also hate the idea of giving up some of my favorite products!! Why must they be so bad for us?! Have and love that Tarte foundation brush and have only heard great things about Tata Harper!

  8. I love organic coconut oil too. Have you tried Josie Moran's products? I think she is pretty natural/organic too and I love her line. :-)

  9. I use coconut oil to cook but have never used it on my school. I presume you use a very small amount as a facial moisturizer?

  10. I can't live without coconut oil and that luminizer looks really neat! Did you ever try Tarte makeup? They are more natural. I am going to try one of their mascaras because ive noticed ive been losing more eyelashes lately.:(. I just discovered today I accidently picked up a waterproof mascara recently which I am certain is the cause of it. xo

  11. You might like the skin deep app. It's a cosmetic database (lotions and shampoos too) and it rates products by different criteria for safety. it's a website too - so helpful!

  12. That's it; I'm ordering coconut oil today! I keep hearing people rave about it so let's give it a whirl ;) Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

  13. Oh how I love coconut oil, the health benefits are limitless and you can use it for everything!

  14. Every week I sleep in a coconut oil hair mask--it's great!
    The Lady Lawyer

  15. I have gone the cleaner route on my face too. I actually use that exact same coconut oil and I have a mix with my Young Living essential oils - specifically Frankincense and a couple of others that I have in a dropper bottle and apply to my face every night before bed. Frank is supposed to have major anti-aging and skin-healing benefits. If you're interested in YL and how they can help you with beauty and health, let me know!


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