May 21, 2015


Happy Thursday babes!  This week's Shopaholic is a little late because EVERYTHING I love keeps selling out.  I know, first world problems.  I am obsessed with everything on this list, but the sunglasses are at the tippy top of the list.  They. Are. Everything!  If anyone finds that bathing suit anywhere else please send it to me!  I have a pair of the Lilly beach pants from last year and love them.  They are so fun to lounge in or toss on for a night at the beach.  I think this pattern is one of their best recently!

1. Mara Hoffman Bathing Suit (out of stock, waiting for it to return!) 2. Tory Burch Bag  3. Anthropologie Top  4.  Lilly Pulitzer Dorothy Dress  5.  Velvet Shirt (on sale!)  6.  Anthropologie Dress  7.  J.Crew Sunglasses  8. Jack Rogers Marbella Wedge  9. New Balance Sneakers  10. Lilly Pulitzer Linen Beach Pant 11. Kate Spade Dress  12. Levi's Boomtown Cutoffs

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Loving your picks! I'm still super frustrated with myself that I procrastinated on the Kate Spade surprise sale, and now the item I wanted is gone :-P

  2. I get frustrated too! Sometimes I put something in my online shopping cart, then go back to pay and its gone. Grr! I do love your selection and I hope you are having a fantastic day!!

  3. Of course that swimsuit is Mara Hoffman- all of hers are fabulous! You need those sunglasses and I need those denim shorts and that striped top :)

  4. Those sunglasses are everything!!! So pretty!!!


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