May 29, 2015

Target Does It Again

Let's talk about Target on this lovely little Friday babes.  If I had to pick any single store where I could go and consistently leave with an item of clothing (not shoes or accessories) at any given time, I think we all know that place would be Tarjay.  You can get something cute and trendy at crazy affordable prices without fail. I have some things from there in my closet that I have owned for years and years and gotten more bang for my buck from than anything else in my closet.

My favorite bullseye has been so on point with the clothing this Spring and Summer.  Although a lot of it skews much younger (think crop tops) I have been able to find some super fun tops, dresses, and bottoms, to fill my trendiness craving, including this adorable top.

and in case you want to see my serious condition of resting bitch face...

RBF is real and I suffer!

Top Target (comes in two other super cute patterns!)  |  Shorts Free People Sharbite  and here |  Shoes Tory Burch Thora |  Necklace old, no longer available | Bag Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Tote

I rounded up some super cute goodies Target has right now - and there are a LOT - below!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Really cute! Love the top!

  2. Oh you kill me with your faces!!! I'm loving that top - it's so perfect for summer and I can see you pairing it with white jeans too!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You know my love for Target runs deep! That top is fabulous! My clinic today is right by one so I think I may need to pop in......and yes girl to the RBF......all.the.time!

  4. You look ADORABLE! I agree that I've had pieces from Target that are years old and still perfect. Also... I suffer from RBF too - bad! I got it from my momma lol

  5. You're so stinkin cute!!!!!!!!! I love it and a miner the moon, Target is killing it!! Happy Friday!!

  6. Haha!! Love the RBF - I can totally relate! And your hair like this is super cute! Happy Friday!

  7. LOL at RBF.. I suffer from it too girl! Love this top on you, and am totally co-signing the fact that Target is the one place I always leave with something. They have been totally on point this season, and I just want to buy all the things :-D

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  8. Great pieces! I especially love the shorts and bag. So funny about the RBF. Why wasn't there a name for that when I was in middle/high school? I feel I was misunderstood by some people because of it :)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Such a cute top!! I couldn't see past the cropped items! And rbf is hilarious!!

  10. I just went there last weekend and I was BLOWN AWAY by how cute the Summer stuff is! I started to worry that maybe I was just getting old and that was why I liked their merchandise. Like maybe next I would walk into KMart and start thinking the velcro sneakers were cute. Hehe! Glad to know Target's stuff IS actually cute and I am not just getting the granny goggles. BTW I also have a tragic case of RBF. #thestruggleisreal

  11. Long live the RBF! Love the top & hair!

    1. We should invent an RBF emoji! How does one do that?

  12. OMGGGGG love love love that top! I went in there yesterday but I didn't go to the clothing section on purpose lol! And yes girl, RBF is so real. I suffer from it too! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  13. That top! So good! And how does your hair always look perfect? And I die over the RBF... because I suffer, too! xoxo

  14. I have that top in black and white and I love it. Seriously, I was at the mall the other day and though "ugh. This place is packed. I need the GTFO and head back home to Target where I can relax". LOL

  15. I have my complaints about Target after being a seasonal "team member" there in the past, but I still love a lot of their products!

  16. I love Target too. I just hate getting my red card bill every month. I seriously get anxiety wondering how awful it's going to be. (tee hee) But I always pay it off b/c the interest rate is scary!!! Love that top. Your resting bitch face is pretty cute. I wouldn't be scared of you. :-)

  17. Hahaha! Love the top! Love the RBF! :) Totally a real thing!


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